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    Before "Looking Glass" in season 3 of DS9 was "Crossover" in season 2 where the Intendant confirms this directly to Kira:

    INTENDANT: You didn't seem to recognise the Alliance.
    KIRA: No.
    INTENDANT: Perhaps you'd recognise the name Kirk.
    KIRA: I'm sorry, I don't.
    INTENDANT: Interesting. On my side, Kirk is one the most famous names in our history. Almost a century ago, a Terran starship Captain named James Kirk accidentally exchanged places with his counterpart from your side due to a transporter accident. Our Terrans were barbarians then, but their Empire was strong. While your Kirk was on this side, he met a Vulcan named Spock and somehow had a profound influence on him. Afterwards, Spock rose to Commander in Chief of the Empire by preaching reforms, disarmament, peace. It was quite a remarkable turnabout for his people. Unfortunately for them, when Spock had completed all these reforms, his empire was no longer in any position to defend itself against us.
    KIRA: Us?
    INTENDANT: The Alliance. The historic coming together of the Klingons and the Cardassians.
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    My memory failed me, here. Thanks for the info. :vulcan:
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