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    Bry has inspired me to play around a bit more with the re-imagined Voyager idea.

    My crew:

    Captain Elizabeth Shelby: After Wolf 359, she’s stalled. With her biggest backer Admiral Hanson gone she’s not had a strong enough advocate at Starfleet Command. She’s also looking for glory, another laurel, so she angles to command the Starship Voyager and take the fight to the Maquis. She is completely committed to the Federation and thinks the Maquis are pissing on all those who lost their lives at Wolf 359. So, her ambition and also her dedication to Starfleet find a home in her quest to take down the Maquis.

    Commander Chakotay: I would largely keep him the same, he would be a calming voice between Starfleet and the Maquis while Ro and Seska would be more strident. Chakotay would be captured by the Vidiians (who would be the big bad of the early seasons of my Voyager) and Ro then becomes the leader of the Maquis and Shelby’s first officer. Shelby is reluctant to do it, but Tuvok convinces her.

    The Doctor: No change.

    Lt. Seska: No change, though like Bry I would have kept her around much longer.

    Lt. Commander Ro: She takes over as first officer after Chakotay. She would have a testy working relationship with Shelby that would take seasons to congeal into a trusting one.

    Lt. Commander Tuvok: Also largely unchanged, though I would have more interaction between Shelby and Tuvok. Perhaps both had served under Hanson and have that bond. I would have Tuvok being more bad ass as well, with all kinds of Vulcan martial arts.

    Lt. Torres: Instead of being half-Klingon I would make her half-Orion, just to change it up. We had seen the Klingons on TNG and DS9, it would’ve been nice for another TOS species to get some spotlight. And Torres would still be struggling with her divided nature, while also having to contend with how people still viewed or reacted to Orion women.

    Ensign Locarno: I would have kept Locarno over Paris. He would’ve been a darker character, with a much longer road to redemption, and right now, not sure if he would’ve made it. He would’ve been a good candidate to betray the crew to the Vidiians.

    Operations Officer: I would change Harry and put a young Cardassian, the first Cardassian in Starfleet in that role. Shelby would want to send a message to the Maquis with the choice, and I would think it would be interesting to see how both Starfleet and the Maquis treat him. Locarno surprisingly gravitates to him as a fellow outsider, though he might be trying to manipulate the naïve young officer. And Torres might also be drawn to both him and Locarno.

    Neelix & Kes: Right now don’t know if I would have them on the series, or if I did, they would be on there as long as they were.
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    ^ Some very interesting work there Dar :bolian:

    Always love a good game of "what if".
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    I knew that Kira was created because Forbes declined being on DS9, but I had no idea she turned down Voyager too.
    I would've gladly replaced Chakotay with her, but I can see where she had more in common with Torres personality wise.
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