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    May 17, 2016
    Continuing to do replacements for my fire losses. Everyday I'm doing something. Today during a break I ordered some stuff only ne and was able to delete a bunch of other stuff off my list as I was better off keeping the money already provided and not replacing the items. I have a massive pile of boxes from deliveries and more coming every day. Need to break them all down. Also need to spend a few hours scanning in or saving receipts from things I replaced as needed the last couple of years. I'm going away for a night in the middle of the week, might bring my laptop and spend an hour or two that night going through my online receipts I saved to book that portion, that way at least I'm still advancing through it each day.

    All that said, I just had a stress nosebleed and my Fitbit readiness score is 4. Out of 100. (Fitbit measures all the metrics it tracks and gives you a number 0-100 of how much you should push yourself that day. I didn't know it was possible to score this low).
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