Contest: ENTER May Art Challenge - Matte Painting


Fan Art Challenge Winner
May is here and as the winner of last month's challenge I have the privilege of hosting the 213th Fan Art Challenge. This month's theme, chosen by vote, is:
Matte Painting
This one is another blast from the past. Back in the days before cgi, an elaborate setting was created in painting form to either serve as an establishing shot (eg Janus 6 and Starbase 11) or something into which live action could be inserted (eg Delta Vega and Scalos). For this challenge, create a matte painting depicting one of these approaches to show the setting of your own idea of a Star Trek setting we have yet to see.

So this month we have the opportunity flesh out all those corners of the Trekiverse we've heard of but never seen or imagine a setting we'd love to see depicted in Star Trek from grandiose planetary landscapes to smaller scale, but no less facsinating, set extensions.

And for those of us from whom "photorealism" is a scary word >raises hand< there is the opportunity to depict a matte painting for one of the animated shows. Or, you could create a matte for your very own stylized Trek-iverse.

Also, if you need it, here's some inspiration from the show:

The Rules
  • the artwork you submit should be created during the month of the challenge
  • only one final image can be submitted (although it may contain multiple views)
  • your final entry should be posted in this thread (although dedicated WIP threads are appreciated)
The winner gets to sport the “Art Challenge Winner” banner below their name for the following month, and has the honor of hosting March's challenge. And you still time to post your idea for future contest in the "Suggest Your Theme" thread.


You have until the end of the 15 June post your final entries here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need more time, just let me know.

Looking forward to seeing your art. Have Fun! :bolian:
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How is everyone doing with this challenge, is anyone working on an entry and needs more time?

I've been struggling to get a grip of the theme this month. :sigh:
I've been struggling to get a grip of the theme this month. :sigh:
Just seen what was the challenge this month. Can't blame anybody for not figuering out something. "Make a matte painting" is weirdly specific and unspecific at the same time. The longer I think about it, the more questions I have.

In the end my approach would have been to take existing footage and photoshop some backround I made myself into it. But then...whats the point calling it a matte painting? A traditional matte painting would have to be made in camera. But who has the time and skill for this? (certainly not me..thats for sure.)
I definitely had an idea. It was going to take some work. Then I got a ruptured gallbladder that required surgery, a reaction to a shingles vaccine, and covid. All in a month. So, needless to say, I will not be making the deadline. At some point however, I will do this. Too bad the idea didn’t catch however. A painting seemed just a little more “art” than what we normally do.
Well, the extended deadline has passed with no entries. So, I guess, we call it a day and close this contest.

It was definitely a worthy and definitely a challenging idea, but perhaps a bit too much to tackle in the busy summer months (I wanted to have another crack at it, but couldn't find the time).

Don't forget to enter June's Challenge - Cover Me! :bolian: