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    I kinda thought the series would be cancelled so when it got s2 renewed I figured I'd continue watching what I had on DVR.

    I'm wondering if someone on the creative team is a fan of the German drama Dark which involved time travel because until the last episode I was wondering if Gavin could actually be his own son's son. That his son Josh and his love interest Riley have a son stranded in the past and that son travels to the future and becomes Gavin. So Gavin is his own grandfather.

    I'm not sure the events of the last episode completely rule that out. I actually think the old man is Gavin as well. So maybe at some point Gavin kidnaps himself as a baby/child from his son(Josh) in the future in order to bring himself to the right time in the past.

    Since he had a 'sister' found with him I think the most likely candidate for 1988 is that Lilly travelled with the kid version of Gavin and that's her as an adult as the artist... Which also then makes you wonder if perhaps the stuff with Veronica and the 'kidnapper/father' could actually be related to the past? Maybe Veronica is actually 1988 Lilly's daughter.
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    Could Veronica be a grown up Lilly?
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    Yeah, the Gavin twist definitely took me by surprise. I was already suspecting that he was from there when they said he was just found wandering around, but I did not expect him to be he blond kid.
    The big thing I'm wondering about is how the woman who jumped down off the plane, who's name I forgot, seems to know so much about what is going on. My theory right now, is that she left some kind of journal or something telling herself everything that is going to happen.
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    Right, like I said also, I had totally called the "he came from the past" bit, but assumed that he had came through a few decades earlier, and that the 1800s gold came 150~ years ago - i figured things were a bit more synched up than they currently appear to be.