Joker Origin Story Announced

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    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Giacchino didn't ghost write some of it. Giacchino did do a very good Williams impression in Rogue One.

    Meanwhile, whenever I hear Rey's theme in the sequel trilogy, I keep thinking, "Meanwhile, at Hogwarts..."
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    Finally saw the movie.

    It's okay. Well executed but claims to be making a much deeper statement than it actually is. Like they're the first ones ever to think of playing on anger toward the wealthy and apathetic.

    If you've seen Scorcese's 70s and 80s output, it's like the director took plot points from Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, turned them up to an un-nuanced 11 and copy pasted them into Gotham City. Even straight down to casting. They took the actor who played the struggling comedian in King of Comedy who kidnapped a late night talk show host and cast him as the last night talk show host.

    Joker is to Scorsese films as The Orville is to Bermantrek.
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    Wait, I thought the Joker origin story was filmed and not just announced?

    (I realize it’s futile to point out that this penchant for keeping threads around with outdated titles — but god forbid one is resurrected while perfectly on-topic — often has me wondering what’s going on for a sec when they pop up under recent activity.)