Is there a Where are they Now thread for the series?

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    Where's Picard and crew and Sisko and crew all scattered about and who're their replacements? How's Janeway and CO.'s fleet doing across the galaxy in the DQ, and whatever happened to TOS cast? What's the latest!?!?!?!?? Wondering if and where to read some current Trek lit.
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    The flowchart in my signature will give you the big picture, all of the related post-finale books of all the different series, but without plot details.

    If you'd like to catch up more specifically, probably you want to read:

    - Star Trek: Destiny - a big crossover trilogy about the Borg, good starting point.
    - Then, for VOY's crew: the four most recent Voyager relaunch novels, starting with Full Circle (see my signature)
    - Then, for DS9's crew: the following novels from the Typhon Pact series - Rough Beasts of Empire, Zero Sum Game, Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn
    - Then for the most recent on TNG's crew: the Cold Equations trilogy.

    There will be some gaps in there, but that's probably bare minimum to catch you up. (And all those books are goddamn kickass too, lemme tell ya.)

    Unless you just want a whole bunch of spoilers, in which case say so and I'll give you a summary behind a spoiler warning.
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    Check out the character entries on Memory Beta. Many of them get updated each time a fan reads a new book or comic.
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    Here's a short "Where They Are Now" for the canonical characters in TNG and some DS9. It's a little too long a list of characters for me to tackle them all at once, so if someone else wants to pick it up, feel free:

    "Now" being defined as 2384-ish.

    JEAN-LUC PICARD: Still captain of the Enterprise-E. Now married to Beverly Crusher, and the father of the two-year-old Rene Picard. No longer so burdened by the existence of the Borg Collective (which has ceased to exist), Picard is finding himself both somewhat more of a maverick than he used to be, and is seriously considering whether to end his career in Starfleet now that he's started a family. (Destiny; Losing the Peace; Paths of Disharmony; Cold Equations)

    WILLIAM T. RIKER: Now captain of the U.S.S. Titan, on a long-term mission of exploration in the uncharted reaches of the Beta Quadrant. Married to Deanna Troi, and now the father of the three-year-old Natasha Riker-Troi. (Titan series, especially Orion's Hounds and Over a Torrent Sea)

    GEORDI LA FORGE: Still the chief engineer of the Enterprise, holding the rank of a full commander. He's the second officer. He had a recent experience serving as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Challenger during a temporary assignment; he is considering pursuing career advancement in the near future instead of staying aboard the Enterprise, but has no immediate plans. Currently dating a doctor from the Enterprise medical staff after having had a brief relationship with Dr. Brahms. (Indistinguishable From Magic; Paths of Disharmony; Plagues of Night; Cold Equations[/i)

    NATASHA YAR: Still dead.

    WORF, SON OF MOGH: Currently serving as first officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Picard. Had a relationship starting in 2381 with ship's security chief, Jasminder Choudhury of Deneva, before her murder in Breen custody in 2384. Is deep in mourning and not sure of his long-term plans. Is being considered for starship command in his own right by Starfleet Command. (Destiny; Cold Equations)

    BEVERLY CRUSHER: Still serving as CMO of the Enterprise. Now married to Picard and mother of Rene. She's become one of Picard's seniormost advisers, and almost single-handedly forced an increase to Starfleet's reconstruction and civilian refugee assistance programs after witnessing awful conditions at a post-Borg Invasion refugee camp on Pacifica. (Death in Winter; Destiny; Greater Than the Sum; Losing the Peace; Cold Equations)

    DEANNA TROI: Serving as the chief diplomatic officer/first contact specialist as well as chief counselor aboard the U.S.S. Titan. Married to Riker, she had a difficult time conceiving when they decided to have a child. She was very nearly killed by her final, successful pregnancy, after having miscarried once; she verged on a refusal to allow the Titan's CMO to perform an abortion that would have saved her life before both mother and child were saved by advanced alien medical technology during the Borg Invasion. (Taking Wing; Orion's Hounds; Destiny; Over A Torrent Sea)

    DATA: Still dead. However, a new copy of Data has been created by uploading the stored memories of the original Data into a new, Human-looking android body whose positronic matrix was designed to handle emotions and to more closely resemble a Human brain. This body was originally created by Noonien Soong himself, as a way to cheat death by transferring his mind into the android body; he sacrificed the continued existence of his mind to allow for the creation of the second Data. Data 2.0 has since embarked on a quest to find the immortal Flint, whom he believed was capable of restoring his daughter, Lal, from her fatal cascade failure. The quest was successful -- though not before it required that Data chose to save Flint rather than the love of his life, the female android Rhea McAdams. (Immortal Coil; Cold Equations)

    WESLEY CRUSHER: Still a Traveler. He recently intervened to prevent the Body Electric from destroying the Milky Way Galaxy; his fellow Travelers refused and fled, but Wesley brought in the Enterprise crew and helped save the day. Is now working with the Body Electric to save the Universe from the Heat Death, and may never be seen again. (Cold Equations)

    BENJAMIN SISKO: Currently serving as captain of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Robinson. Recently went through a troubled period in his marriage, as he believed that staying with Kassidy Yates would lead to her death as per a warning given to him by the Prophets. He had been returned from the Wormhole after the Prophets intervened to help save Bajor from an invading species, and lived on Bajor in the Kendra Province with Kassidy and their new daughter, Rebecca, when Bajor joined the Federation. Rebecca is now five or six. Sisko re-joined Starfleet during the Borg Invasion, and stayed on afterwards when his father died and he came to believe the warning was coming true. Sisko, Kassidy, and the Prophets have since reconciled. Unity; Rough Beasts of Empire; Plagues of Night; Raise the Dawn)

    ODO: Spent eight years as one of only two Founders left after the Great Link was dissolved following the death of the Progenitor, whom the Founders believed was their creator. (The other remaining Founder being Laas.) Has been carrying on a campaign of moderation within the Dominion. Now trapped in the Alpha Quadrant following the seemingly-permanent closer of the Wormhole. The Dominion: Olympus Descending; Raise the Dawn)

    EZRI DAX: Currently serving as captain of the U.S.S. Aventine after that ship's first and second officers were killed in the Borg Invasion (similar to Picard's ascension as CO of the Stargazer). She had switched to the command track early in 2375 and was third officer aboard the Aventine by early 2381 when the Invasion began. She and Bashir broke up way back in '75. (Avatar, Book One; Trill: Unjoined; Destiny; A Singular Destiny; Brinkmanship)
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    I'm tempted to ask for citations for a number of the events cited above so that I know which books I most need to read. :)

    (has read Destiny, some of TP and the DS9 two-parter)
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    I'll add a few.
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    King Daniel Beyond

    Nice round-up!
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    One clarification: Rene Picard is only 6-7 weeks younger than Natasha Riker-Troi. Natasha was born July 21, 2381, and Rene was born in the first week of September '81 as near as I can determine. Since Cold Equations ends in August '84, that means that technically Rene is "2" and Natasha is "3" at that particular time of year, but that's misleading.
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    But they'll both be played by eight years olds in a few episodes' time! ;)
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    Blame my memory. Thanks for the clarification!

    Continuing a bit today:

    Julian Bashir: Still serving as CMO of Starbase Deep Space 9. Is the continuing subject of recruitment/manipulation attempts from Section 31. Was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence in 2382 to go under cover at a Breen shipyard in order to destroy stolen Federation slipstream schematics and a prototype Breen slipstream-capable ship. This mission reunited him with Sarina Douglas, who has joined S.I. in the meantime; they rekindle their romance, while Bashir ends up committing what may be some war crimes in the course of the mission. Unbeknownst to him, Douglas had herself been recruited into Section 31, and initiated their relationship as part of Section 31's plan to break down Bashir's emotional defenses and bring him into the fold. However, Sarina told him of Section 31's plans, and seems to be genuinely in love with him. Sarina was briefly suspected of planting the bombs that led to the destruction of Deep Space 9 as part of a rogue Typhon Pact operation, but Bashir proved her innocence. Both remained with the DS9 crew after it was re-stationed to Bajor while a new station was constructed.

    Jadzia Dax: Still dead.

    Jake Sisko: Went on a journey to try to find his father after he was taken by the Prophets, and ended up as a crew member aboard the Gamma Quadrant freighter the Even Odds. Helped rescue former Kai of the Bajoran Church Opaka Sulan before returning to the Alpha Quadrant, and helped discover the Ev'oq. Subsequently met and married a Bajoran woman named Azeni Korena (the same woman he had married in the alternate future of "The Visitor"). Remains a writer and journalist.

    Miles O'Brien: Taught at Starfleet Academy for a year before transferring to Cardassia Prime because of his wife's job. Keiko had become head of the Andak Project, an initiative co-funded by the Federation to try to restore Cardassia's agricultural base. O'Brien worked with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers reconstruction projects, and he and Keiko raised Molly and Yoshi on Cardassia for several years. Has since transferred to Bajor to help design and supervise the construction of the new Starbase Deep Space 9.

    Quark: Still spinning those daboo tables. Was initially terrified that the UFP's socialist economy would ruin him once Bajor joined the Federation; his brother Rom solved this problem for him by appointing him Ferengi Ambassador to Bajor, and arrangements were made to turn the bar into a Ferengi diplomatic mission: Quark's Bar, Grill, Embassy, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade. Immediately began running a similar operation on Bajor when DS9 was destroyed; will probably run a similar operation on the new Deep Space 9. Is in a relationship with Captain Ro Laren.

    Kira Nerys: Served as commanding officer of Deep Space 9 throughout 2376 following Sisko's disappearance. Was ex-communicated from the Bajoran Church after leaking some "heretical" prophecies unearthed a B'hala that just happened to be accurate. Joined the Federation Starfleet and received a commission as captain following Bajor's admittance to the Federation. Was brutally attacked by the mind-controlled Jem'Hadar observer Taran'atar, who stabbed her through the heart, and nearly died. Dr. Bashir replaced her heart with an artificial one. Suffered a prophetic vision while in a coma about the coming of the Ascendants, and Bajor's need to find allies for this conflict. Then the editor of the book series was laid off, and the new editor decided to skip this arc to bring the DS9 books to the same years as the TNG and VOY books, so we missed what happened here. But we know that in 2378, Kira left Starfleet to become a cleric of the Bajoran Church (having apparently be un-excommunicated), and eventually became a Vedek. In 2383, Vedek Kira hijacked a runabout and helped thwart a rogue Tal Shiar plot, but this had the side-effect of sealing the Wormhole. Kira seemingly died... or has joined the Prophets. We'll see yet.

    Ro Laren: Survived the Dominion War and achieved hero status on Bajor for her efforts against the Cardassians in the Maquis, and then against the Dominion during the war. Moved back to Bajor and joined the Militia; was appointed Chief of Security aboard DS9 in 2376 following Odo's departure. Thanks to the influence of Captain Picard, as able to re-join Starfleet and keep her billet when Bajor entered the Federation. Continued to rise through the ranks, becoming first officer of Deep Space 9 under Captain Elias Vaughn subsequent to Captain Kira's resignation. Commander Ro became C.O. of DS9 following Captain Vaughn's transfer to the U.S.S. James T. Kirk; she was prompted to captain in 2383. Captain Ro retained command of her crew following Deep Space 9's destruction at the hands of a rogue Typhon Pact faction, and will retain command of the new Deep Space 9. Is in a relationship with Quark.

    Gul Dukat: Still dead. But it turns out his first name was Skrain. Also, he was keeping the real Illeana Ghemor (the Cardassian the Obsidian Order tried to trick Kira into thinking she was in that DS9 Season Three episode), who had been surgically altered to look like Kira, as his personal sex slave when he was alive. Just when you thought he couldn't get any creepier!

    Damar: Still dead. And his first name was Corat. Now venerated as a patriotic hero on Cardassia.

    Rom: Still Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. Has instituted numerous progressive reforms. Was almost overthrown in a coup that would have proven he'd violated a contract, but was vindicated by his brother Quark. He and Leeta had a child in 2376. Under his Nagushood, the Ferengi Treasury Guard joined the Federation's expeditionary force against the Borg and lost many ships; the Ferengi Ambassador to the Federation also agreed to hire out Breen privateers away from the Tholian Assembly, preventing them from seizing the crisis of the Borg Invasion to annex Federation border systems. Grand Nagus Rom later had the Ferengi Alliance join the expanded Khitomer Accords after the formation of the Typhon Pact.

    Ishka and Zek: Still married. Serving as unofficial but influential advisers to Grand Nagus Rom. Would mostly prefer to give each other oo-mox, though.

    Morn: Still talks too much.

    Brunt: Still trying to thwart the efforts of Ferengi Progressivism, and still getting his ass kicked for it. Was behind the unsuccessful attempt too unseat Rom.

    The Female Shapeshifter: Imprisoned for war crimes at Ananke Alpha, a maximum-security Federation prison. She is serving a life sentence, with the understanding that her sentence may periodically be re-considered or commuted due to the unprecedented nature and questionable morality of issuing a life sentence to a being who may be functionally immortal.

    Gowron, Son of M'Rel: Still dead.

    Martok, Son of Urthog: Still Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire. Was briefly deposed in a coup led by his illegitimate son when he returned to Qo'noS after the war; he defeated his son and returned to the throne when he recovered the Sword of Kahless. Was in constant conflict with a Klingon nationalist faction on the High Council led by Councillor Kopek, who had some viciously anti-Federation views. Tried to conquer Tezwa as retaliation for their destruction of a Klingon fleet sent to back up the Enterprise's attempt to negotiate a settlement for Tezwa's attempt to seize Klingon colonies, but was thwarted when the fleet was remotely disabled and the Enterprise secured the surrender of the Tezwan government first. This politically compromised both him and Worf, as it was an open secret that Worf had obtained the codes. Was in office when Emperor Kahless II chose to de facto abdicate the throne following his disappearance. Persuaded the High Council to support the Federation during the Borg Invasion and personally led the defense of Qo'noS from the invading armada aboard the I.K.S. Sword of Kahless. Was very nearly killed. Following the devastation on Qo'noS, Chancellor Martok has relocated the Klingon government to Ty'Gokor. Was also in office when the Defense Force destroyed the Kinshaya homeworld. Has lost the last of his family following a Kinshaya attack.

    Keiko O'Brien: Headed up the Andak Project to restore Cardassian agriculture --even in the face of terrorist attacks.

    Kassidy Yates: Was still captaining the S.S. Xhosa and living on Bajor. Was one of the few not aboard the Xhosa when it was destroyed during the rogue Typhon Pact attack on DS9. Reconciled with Sisko.

    Michael Eddington: Still dead.

    William Ross: Continued to serve as influential admiral for several years following the Dominion War. Flagship was the Prometheus-class U.S.S. Cerebus immediately after the war; recruited Captain Montgomery Scott to serve as overall commanding officer of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Participated in Starfleet plot to force Federation President Min Zife of Bolarus out of office when his war crimes were uncovered but could not be publicly revealed without provoking a war with the Klingons. Unbeknownst to the other members of this conspiracy, Ross was forced to allow Section 31 to assassinate Zife immediately after his resignation. Was pressured to run for president himself in the subsequent election, but refused. Endorsed Governor Nanietta Bacco of Cestus III instead, and then served as Starfleet liaison to the President for her first year of office. When President Bacco discovered that President Zife had been assassinated, she mistakenly believed Ross had murdered Zife himself. Ross allowed her to continue believing this, concluding that she herself would be assassinated by Section 31 if she were to learn of their existence or their role in Zife's death. Agreed to Bacco's deal to retire from Starfleet and never exercise any political influence or power again in return for a Trill journalist keeping Zife's assassination a secret. Retired in 2380.

    Vic Fontaine: Still croonin'.

    Elim Garak: Moved back to Cardassia following the war. Began living in the ruins of the estate of Enabren Tain, former head of the Obsidian Order and his illegitimate father. Began to attract public attention due to his creation of numerous abstract memorials out of the ruins of the estate. Was courted by both the fledging Cardassian democracy movement and the conservative faction known as the "Directorate;" chose to support the democrats, and became an influential adviser to Alon Ghemor, the new Castellan of the Cardassian Union (Cardassian head of government). Eventually served as Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets under Castellan Rakena Garan. Persuaded a Federation court to recognize Federation citizenship for Rugal Pa'Daar, and agreed to the Cardassian Guard joining the Federatin's expeditionary force at the Azure Nebula during the Borg Invasion. Gives President Bacco the creeps.
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    ^^This is epic. A great reminder of the depth and breadth of TrekLit from the last decade. Thanks, Sci!! :beer:
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    Well, I would say that it's understandable that people would think the kids were still in diapers. The last couple of novels have moved the stories across great distances in time. This wasn't like when Palmieri was editing the books and each book moved the story ahead by a week or a month.
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    Sci, this was awesome! :)