Is there a series that I have missed?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by robelirobban, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Andrew_Kearley

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    Space: 1999 is what you're looking for, especially the first series. It captures the strangeness and wonder of deep space better than anything else before or since.
  2. JRS

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    Jun 25, 2003
    Agreed, thats a good show:bolian:
    Tom recommended Quantum Leap, I can recommend that also.
    You might also check the first season of Earth: Final Conflict:techman:
    Rest of the series is not as good as the first season, sadly. Though 2nd was not so bad...dont remember much about the third anymore:shifty: Last was horrible:scream:
  3. DigificWriter

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    Check out the new 'V' and the nuBSG prequel 'Caprica'.
  4. Mistral

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    Dec 5, 2007
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    another vote for Space:AAB and The 4400. Really, there aren't many series out there you haven't seen. Maybe Earth 2? But it ends with out resolution... :(
  5. Hyperspace05

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    Jul 18, 2005
    SGU is certainly worth a shot... My favorite show at the moment.
  6. Caliburn24

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    Original BSG

    All ship based sci-fi shows, each has some good episodes, although all three decline more or less as they go along. Watch the pilot episodes and if you're not intrigued just walk away.
  7. robelirobban

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Alright, so I haven't been able to reply to you guys yet, but I appreciate the answers and will be looking into most of em! :)

    To follow up I'm compiling a list of the suggestions plus eventual comments/questions.

    • Doctor Who - Are we talking from the sixties or the new one? Or maybe all three(?).
    • Buffy - Won't touch that ;) Did actually watch buffy a long time ago but not my stuff anymore. Same goes for dark angel which I never liked.
    • Blake's 7 - Seems nice. I'll definitely look into that.
    • Alien nation - Hmm, well. I'll take a look at the pilot. ;)
    • Space Cops - Awesome name (!!), 'nuff said! :))
    • Red Dwarf - Well, I'll take a look some day x)
    • RedVsBlue - Well... (A) Though hilarious, not really what I was looking for. :)
    • Animated stuff - Definitely comes last on my last to check up. But I'll get there, one day.
    • Lost - Did watch the first season. Got bored by unlimited amount of cliffhangers. I'm not really a fast-paced guy.
    • 4400 - Hmm... nope! :)
    • Space Above & Beyond - Seems awesome!
    • Stargate Atlantis - Hated that series. In my opinion abysmal compared to SG1.
    • Quantum Leap - Not what I was after but I am still intrigued. Could be a gem! :)
    • Stargate Universe - I've been interested since I knew about it. However, I can't stand waiting a week for the next episode and then moths for the next season. Will be checking out when it is all finished and boxed! :)
    • Space 1999 - Haha, read the pilot plot. Won't be trying it right away but it could be nice!
    • Original BG - I'll try it, will a lot be spoiled for me though or are the new series mostly new stuff?
    • Buck Rogers - Seems a bit ehm... I'll get to the pilot some day! ;)
    • Earth: Final Conflict - A must try for me! :)
    • V - Intrigued, nice tip. :)
    • Caprica - How is it? Just a bag full of soap or is there a reason to watch? I've heard bad stuff about it :\
    • Earth 2 - Never heard of but I'm interested already.
    • Andromeda - This actually was next on my "try out" list.
    • SeaQuest - Watched when I was young. My memory of it is that it were... less good. But I'll try it someday.

    Again, thank you for taking your time providing suggestions. I appreciate it! :)
  8. Mistral

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Between the candle and the flame
    old BSG-no, only the names and basic beginning were the same

    Andromeda? Really?:wtf:

    Dr Who-I am a fan of the First Season of the new series with Christopher Eggleston. Don't know about the rest but that ROCKED!

    Alien Nation-give it 2 eps. It's fun in its way.

    4400-missing a bet here

    Quantum Leap-is lots of fun
  9. The Comedian

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    Jan 20, 2009
    No love for Torchwood?
  10. Lindley

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    Fair enough, but I would point out that Buffy's spinoff (and a fantastic series in its own right) is just Angel. Dark Angel is a completely unrelated show.
  11. Admiral James Kirk

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    How about:

    The Twilight Zone
    War of the Worlds
    Friday the 13th: The Series
    Batman: The Animated Series

    They're all shows I love to death. WotW first season is the only one available on DVD but it's also the only season worth watching. :) Sliders stays consistently good until the third season and then becomes terrible from the fourth season on. Twilight Zone is altogether perfect as is Batman. Ft13th is also an extremely underrated show. I consider it horrors answer to TNG. :D
  12. startrekwatcher

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    Jun 9, 2007
    I agree. It tends to get lost in the mix but it is a really solid horror/drama series although I almost get the feeling Eric Kripke of Supernatural must have watched it as a kid since it conjures up some similiarities. The cast was great, Micki/Ryan/Jack were all likeable with the kind of family chemistry/dynamic that I see in Legend of the Seeker, the premise was interesting and that car was just so cool and Robey was hot. The first two seasons were consistently good and while the third wasn't as great it was still decent--too bad it never received a proper finale. It did atmosphere very well, it was always creepy and despite its supernatural fantastical elements it still sold its drama with conviction never coming off campy or corny.

    I tried finding it on DVD but so far I've only seen it crop on SyFy during an all day marathon so I just DVRed those episodes.
  13. DigificWriter

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    May 20, 2001
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    Caprica is definitelly different and new in terms of structure, narrative scope, and tone, but if you liked the moral questions and ambiguity that permeated BSG, you should like Caprica because the series presents, asks, and deals with the same types of questions. It also presents - as did BSG - characters who are deeply flawed and in some cases fatally so, but who still, IMO, manage to, in most cases, redeem themselves at the end of the day. There aren't really any clear-cut heroes and villains the way that there were in BSG, but there are definitely characters whom we're supposed to be rooting for and others whom we're supposed to be rooting against. I'd recommend checking it out for yourself to decide whether or not it's your 'cup of tea', but I was personally drawn to it for the same reasons that I was drawn to BSG, and consider it to be just as good.
  14. AviTrek

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    Jan 31, 2006
    I will second the Earth 2 suggestion. I caught some of it when it aired, then bought the DVD set a couple years ago. I rewatched the entire series(only one season) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It does end on a cliff hanger which kind of sucks, but I enjoyed the first season enough that it's still worth watching even without any resolution.
  15. Brent

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    Apr 24, 2003
    Earth Final Conflict, (except for the last season) - I enjoyed that series

    I also think you should give Lost a chance, get the DVDs and the cliffhangers won't be annoying, watch it all the way through, a few eps each day or something, you'll get hooked, and it gets very SCIFI'y.
  16. zakkrusz

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    I'd say check out:

    Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles
    Blends elements from the book and the movies excellently.
    Basically, deals with the physics of space travel and follows a crew that removes or destroys space debris
    Infinite Ryvius
    Best Described as Lord of the Flies in space. A great space adventure drama series.
    Starship Operators
    While away on a training cruise their planet is capatured by another nation. The newly-graduated crew votes to wage a personal war against the invading nation.
    Crest of the Stars and it's sequels Banner of the Stars 1-3
    After having his planet conquered by a race of genetically enhanced humans known as Abh, the son of diplomat is sent away for mandatory military service. However, soon he finds himself at the forefront of a full scale galactic war.
    Sol Bianca: The Legacy
    A crew of pirates with an advanced starship called the Sol Bianca find a stowaway and end up being chased by the millitary.
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    A covert group of cyborg agents solve various tech and cybercrimes.
    Real Drive
    An elderly disabled man is offered a job only he can accomplish by an old friend. He is contracted to be an administrator of a virtual worldwide connected consciousness known as "the Metal". Inside the metal he can be young again and have the use of his legs.
    Kurau: Phantom Memory
    An experiment with a new form of energy results in a scientist's daughter being fused with an alien lifeform but this fact is covered up. Years later her secret is out, and she and her recently emerged other half, are deemed too dangerous to live.
    Last Exile
    Two orphaned and impoverished teens earning money as air messengers, find a downed plane and take on the dying man's last wish; to protect a small girl and take her to specified destination.
    Noein-To Your Other Self
    A group of children are dragged into a war between two other parallel dimensions when a strange power manifests itself inside one of them.
    The Third
    In a dystopian future where much of the Earth is now desert a woman makes a living as jack of all trades roaming around with her AI tank.
    A military ship is attacked triggering the activation of a "black box" technology which was being analyzed. It results in the awakening of KOS-MOS an extremely powerful and unpredictable android.
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  17. robelirobban

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    Aah, my mistake! :)

    I've received a lot of suggestions on animated series. However that stuff is not up my alley. I like to have real facial expressions. For me that would be 50% of the roles. Sries! :)

    Lost has been up in the air again and I might check it out someday because the premise itself is not bad. I just find that it lacks the personalities (and it has been a while since I watched lost so I might even be wrong on that one) and "realism" i seek atm.

    Caprica I'll have to watch when the series is done, but I can imagine I'll follow that one. Just out of pure love for BSG.

    I'm actually interested in The Twilight Zone. I'll give it a shot! :)
  18. backstept

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    Nov 4, 2005
    Warehouse 13
    The Middleman
    Stargate Universe

    as for anime how about
    Ergo Proxy
  19. Avon

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    May 7, 2010
    i wanted to like it but caprica is sooooooooo boring.

    it feels like it may as well be set now on earth. there's no real use of the sci fi setting. and all the characters are unlikable.

    also knowing everything will be nuked in 50 years is a bit distracting.
  20. darthraidr

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    Journey man (all 13 episodes are available at Hulu )

    at some point you should watch the animated stuff. a good show, is a good show, regardless of the presentation. Batman: TAS is some seriously impressive stuff.