Inside Secrets of the Making of STII:TWOK and "Space Seed"

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    first of all if you live near the Chicago area:
    They're giving a talk today March 21 at 7 PM at the Vernon Hills Library in Vernon Hills, IL about this.

    click on the link if you want to know:
    also some nice on the TWOK set photos.
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    Very interesting article (and nice pictures). Thanks!

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    I wish I could have gone. I'm about 60 miles or so south of there. Some of those earlier drafts sounded a little bit like the new Star Trek Into Darkness coming out.
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    They got into the CBS/Paramount archives? Neat.

    (Although, to be picky, it wasn't NBC's research company that "suggested changing the character name to Govin Bahadur Singh." That was de Forest Research, which was based on the Desilu lot and employed by the studio, not the Network.)

    I wonder if anyone recorded the talk, or if the text of it is available?
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