I miss Stargate

Jaffa Cakes: :guffaw:

We have a lot of jaffa flavoured things here and every time I see the word I do a double take now. And we have power company called Origin which is now aligned in my mind with evil LOL.

I was chatting with a New Zealand blogger and he said a "Jaffa" referred to "Just Another F***er From Auckland."
Loved Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis from beginning to end. Liked the last half-season of SGU.

I miss Stargate:(

Stupid financial crisis fucking up the SG-1: Revolutions and SGA: Extinction DVD movies...:angryrazz:
Its unlikely that a profitable franchise will lie fallow indefinitely. A new show will probably tie up the threads from the old shows...

I seriously doubt that I'm afraid. It'll more likely be a complete reboot.
gturner said:
I was chatting with a New Zealand blogger and he said a "Jaffa" referred to "Just Another F***er From Auckland."

And that'd be me.

And I see opportunity! Since New Zealand never really bothered naming their two big islands (North and South?!) you can step in, agitate, organize, and finally name them.

Abidos and Chulak come to mind. Obviously Auckland needs to be in Chulak to explain all the Jaffas. :cool:
It's possible, but unlikely I think. Devlin has been publicly begging for a chance to continue his trilogy for years, yet the studio has always seemed to want anything but. Of course it's Spyglass running the show now, but I imagine they have about as much faith in Devlin as their predecessor would have done.
I miss Stargate, too. Maybe I should check a season, just to remind myself how much I liked it.

I have been off work after foot surgery and I popped in season three of SG-1 about a week or so ago and haven't been able to walk away since. So i guess i was missing it more than I thought. Atlantis was OK and SGU was just really getting good before it got axed. I would be very happy with another direct to video movie. A new reboot is probably a long way off.
I have SG-1, Atlantis and the first season of SG-U on DVD, so whenever I miss the old gang, I can watch them.

But I actually miss having a new Stargate series on TV. I miss watching new episodes every week. Hope they bring it back in some way.

Oh really.. haven't watched that one in a long time.

What's her name, she's super cute!
Stephanie Niznik.

That's a really good picture of her.

A really old picture of her.

She was the romantic lead in Everwood for Teach Williams, but pairing her off with Scott Wolf instead just made the girl look about 15 years older than she was (Born 1967? Good for her! )supposed to be... But they listed Stephanie in some publications as "Beautiful woman" in that Rogue episode of Enterprise where she plays a wraith escaped from a Yeats poem.

Insurrection was horrible and didn't make sense. You were out of communication and couldn't insurrect from squat except an admiral who was obviously off the rails who you would be more than within your legal rights to either remove form duty or get Bev to remove form duty.
Well she's adorable. And that's neat she was in Rogue from ENT. I might even watch a bit of INS to see her now.

"Have you noticed how your boobs have started to firm up?"

That's like the only thing that sticks in my head from that movie. Oh and Picard's lady.