How long for Novels based on Lower Decks

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by chrinFinity, Aug 31, 2020.

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    I'm not entirely sure the context of your question, but just to let you know, fan fiction cannot be posted in this forum. You are of course welcome to share your Lower Decks stories, but please do so in the Fan Fiction forum.
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    Why would it be hard? Haven't you ever read a comedy novel? "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "Bored of the Rings," "Barry Trotter," "Goodburger 2Go," "the Day My Butt Went Psycho?" It's an entire genre. Comedy works about the same in books as it does onscreen, except that the narrator/author is also snarking the whole time alongside the characters.

    I'd love to see a "Lower Decks" book done in the style of "Barry Trotter" or "Bored of the Rings," with little footnotes of hilarious background information. The narration in parody books is often just as funny as the dialogue.

    They could also go the "Dracula" rout, and have various chapters be presented as log entries, news articles and letters, by various characters, with their own personal commentary of course.

    I hope I haven't just destroyed this possibility by posting about it. I know it's illegal for authors to use story ideas posted to these forums; I hope simply suggesting a certain (and perfectly common) story format doesn't fall under that. I'm just trying to point out that parody is as much a genre in literature as it is in television, and could work great with "Lower Decks."
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    Excellent idea. I think it's vague enough to be allowed, though.
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    True, but Lower Decks gets a lot of its humor in both sight gags and references as well as the characters own rapid fire interactions and delivery, both of which don’t translate well outside of a visual medium. Y’know, a conversation between Mariner and Boimler reads differently as a transcript versus being performed, to say nothing of lacking Jack Quaid’s particular screaming skills.

    It’s not impossible, but it’s also got a layer of complication that is not there for a traditional Star Trek novel.
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    Eh, authors like Douglas Adams or John Scalzi show you can do humorous sci-fi jokes, and Peter David proves it's possible to do humorous Star Trek novels.
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    The first issue of IDW's Lower Decks is out, and it's real good.
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    Best Trek comic in a couple of years.
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