How Do You Take Your Coffee?

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Kidding aside, I've been drinking coffee black for twelve years. Can't think of drinking it with sugar anymore, not ever.
If I'm ordering from a coffee place, I'll order an Americano, black.
If making from home, I like the darkest roast possible with a bit of coconut oil in it. It sounds weird but it's very good.
My Timmy's I take LG Double Double.
Like I take my men: picked from the trees of a South American jungle, ground into a fine, black, coarse powder, and processed through a hot water based filtration system.
This is how I described my coffee making procedure last year when we were talking about it here in Misc.

These days I'm using Tanzanian beans or beans from Sidamo in Ethiopia. But I still have three or four different beans to choose from each time I make some.

Normally I just take it with a 'dash' of (low fat) milk... or black.

Just the other day I had ventured into town (looong walk of about 10 minutes from where I live, so I rarely go all that way for anything) before I'd had my breakfast-coffee :eek: and had to find a shop to get my fix from... hate that!

Why is it that there are SO many junk-coffee-shops? It took me about six or seven minutes for the salesperson to understand that yes, I'd like my coffee to taste like, say, chocolate - however NOT because they added 'taste of chocolate' to my coffee but because the beans they brew it from have that taste as a natural part of their coffeeliciousness ...

-it felt like they had gotten so used to selling lukewarm sweet (and foamy?) milk-drinks w. (various degrees of) coffee-taste that they had forgotten what kind of product a cup of coffee actually was :sigh:
I used to love my coffee (with milk, no sugar) ... but I had to give up caffeine because it was giving me a crazy heartbeat. I have yet to find a decaf coffee that I can stand, alas.
, btw, tip of the week.

I was reading an old story about the British Raj, and it mentioned they put salt in the coffee. I thought nothing about it, until I read somewhere else that this reduces the bitterness significantly. I gave it a shot and it does, quite a lot. The secret is, just the tiniest pinch, which alleviates the bitterness without making a distinct salty taste.

I like my coffee with lots of sugar and cream, especially love amaretto flavored cream. Still I might try the pinch of salt as I really do need to cutdown on all the sugar.
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