How Do You Take Your Coffee?

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Espresso. Strong, creamy, very concentrated. In a tiny cup with just a touch of sugar. No cream.

As a treat, I'm partial to Bicerìn, a coffee-based drink (and thus, definitively not a coffee) invented in Turin, which is made of espresso, hot chocolate and cream in equal parts, carefully layered.

If Starbucks: Mocha, 3 shots espresso.
Ugh. Starbuck. The opposite of Italian coffee, sold abroad as Italian coffee. Three shots of espresso should give tachycardia to anyone.
A bit of milk, no sugar usually. I'm drinking way more tea than coffee these days though, probably by a margin of 10:1 or something.
, btw, tip of the week.

I was reading an old story about the British Raj, and it mentioned they put salt in the coffee. I thought nothing about it, until I read somewhere else that this reduces the bitterness significantly. I gave it a shot and it does, quite a lot. The secret is, just the tiniest pinch, which alleviates the bitterness without making a distinct salty taste.

Mmm. The bitterness is what makes it good! :lol:
Black and very hot. I like to home-roast and brew, but I'm no coffee snob; any old drip coffee is OK as long as it is not too weak.

At home, with a bit of milk no sugar. If I'm out, I usually get a Caffelatte because it's easy to mess up and burn drip coffee, it's hard to screw it up when it's being buried in steamed milk. I used to make them at home until I fucked up my Moka pot by forgetting to put water in and watching the handle melt off (it was a catch-22. I couldn't use the thing properly until I had coffee, but I needed coffee in order to use it properly).
Just straight up real coffee, made in a coffee machine. I put in just enough milk to cool it down to the level where it's possible to drink, and just enough sugar so that it isn't so bitter I can taste the coffee grounds.
Just enough cream to change the colour, and sugar. Preferably from Starbucks. I may be a bad Canadian for this, but I never cared for Tim Horton's (though I'll drink it if there's nowhere else to go in my vicinity and I'm desperate), and the word "double-double" has never crossed my lips unless I'm ordering for someone else at the same time.
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