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    As I mentioned, you can run Windows and Windows apps in a virtual machine hosted on a Linux system but I guess it's not a convenient solution for everybody.

    Anyone who can remember a time before compilers must be more ancient than me. Such software first became available in the 1950s. I also first used BASIC before a compiler - back in the 70s. I too feel unable to learn new stuff - a lot of the time it just doesn't seem to want to go in. Big picture stuff is ok but fine detail, nah. Old dogs, new tricks etc.

    I concur with the advice about upgrading Windows. I'd be tempted to back up existing installations or capture them as virtual machines before reinstalling. Windows has dropped features over the years - for example, support for running 16-bit apps and the old command shell. Thanks to certain people, Linux's backwards compatibility has also suffered to some extent from tinkering in the name of "progress".
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    Best way to go here is to use the Microsoft Media creation tool to build a bootable USB drive or DVD.

    Backup all user data.

    Upgrade to window 10 which puts the electronic product activation.

    Boot from the USB key or DVD and do a brand new install which automatically activates once you've connected to the internet.
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    Just run USMT from win 7, use USMT to back your profile up to removable media. reformat, full overwrite (is it an old computer? why not just throw in a new hard drive, they're cheap) do the win10 install, usmt to reimport the profile. done. easy.

    or just return to linux with an LCARS upgrade