Contest: VOTE Hallowe'en Art Challenge: Creepy Cosplay - please vote

Please vote for your creepiest cosplay

  • Cyfa

    Votes: 12 66.7%
  • Starscape

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Gore-ac

    Votes: 1 5.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Welcome to the Hallowe'en art challenge voting thread for Creepy Cosplay! We have three spooky submissions for you to cast your all-seeing eyes over and then vote for your favourite.

In order of appearance:

Cyfa's "The Takers of Gist"

@Starscape's Lower Decks take on "What are little girls made of?"

@Gore-ac's "Bones' B-day"

Happy Hallowe'en!
Looks like the poll has closed and the result may be scary but it's no shocker. Congratulations, @Cyfa!

I hope you've had time to ponder November's challenge topic whilst fighting off those parasites. ;)
Ooh, congrats on another win, @Cyfa!

And sorry inspiration didn't come for me this time. Was thinking about ideas until the last day, but nothing seemed to pan out. I’m glad you found some worthy opponents in @Gore-ac and @Starscape. :bolian:

Looking forward to the next one!
Thank you, @Starscape and @Michael - and to everyone else who came to have a look/vote at our little Hallowe'en-themed art thread. I really loved "What are Lower Decks made of?" Starscape, but @Gore-ac's Spock-in-a-catsuit truly is creepy :eek::rommie: Thank you both for taking part, and I'm sorry that inspiration didn't strike for you Michael, as I - and many others - always enjoy your work.

Right. I'd better think of a theme for this month!