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    (Clicking the following links is safe. You can see titles, authors before you click.)

    For those in 202x who want to programm without any before-knowledge or math, it's possible, here is how:

    Start with Feynman

    Continue with [1.0]: Gregor Kiczales is called Jedi Master of Software Engineering, what he teaches is pure gold. Don't skip. He teaches good habits, manners. This is important, because what you learn here keeps you employed 20 years from now. While the hipsters (Red Shirts) won't be ready for technological changes down the road, you're going steady regardless what these changes are.

    [1.0]: (“[How to Design Programs] Software Development,” Holmes, Murphy, Baniassad, and Kiczales 2017 @ December 29, 2019)

    [1.1]: (How to Code: Simple Data, Holmes, Murphy, Baniassad, and Kiczales 2017b @ December 28, 2019)

    [1.2]: (How to Code: Complex Data, Holmes, Murphy, Baniassad, and Kiczales 2017a @ January 21, 2020) ​

    If you need an analogy. Technological changes are like the Borg and the Vancouver courses do you a favor. If not for you, your children and spouse(s) appreciate the stability even more.

    Haskell for free: Coming from the course [1.1--2] the Haskell language is very close to what you already learned. Haskellers are mostly employed in the finance and security industry and most Haskellers use the language more often at home than at work. Therefore, Haskellers write in other languages to earn money. For every 1 Haskell job ad, there will be 100 Python jobs, and 200 to 300 job openings in Javascript. Nevertheless, the good habits from [1.1--2] translates to Haskell so easily, it would be a shame not to look at it.

    [2]: (“Lecture Slides for Chapters 1-10 and 15,” Hutton 2020 @ February 3, 2020)
    [3]: (Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! A Beginner’s Guide, Lipovača 2011 @ December 27, 2019)
    [4]: (Real World Haskell, Sandoval 2020 @ February 4, 2020) ​

    Python for free: It's the "opposite" of Haskell and very popular. If Haskell was Star Trek, Python would be Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. For every 1 Haskell job ad, there are 100 Python job ads. It's for everybody from secretaries to rocket engineers. Many GUI programs (Blender, Inkscape ... ) read and understand Python code directly.

    [5]: (“Courses Using (PY4E) Python for Everybody,” Charles Severance 2019 @ November 16, 2019)

    [6]: (Python for Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3, C. R. Severance, Blumenberg, and Hauser 2016)

    [7]: (“Python for Everybody - Exploring Information (PY4E),” Chuck Severance n.d.)

    : New. We don't know, yet, what's going to happen. However, it has attracted bright programmers from all walks of life.

    [8]: (Rust by Example, Rust by Example n.d.)

    Javascript and visualization libraries (Okudagrams/LCARS): Don't skip this.

    [9]: (D3.Js, D3.Js n.d.)
    [10]: (P5.Js (Processing for Python, Android, Pi), McCarthy 2019)
    [11]: (Paper.Js, Paper.Js n.d.)
    [12]: (Three.Js, Three.Js 2020)

    Full Computer Science materials: From artificial intelligence to ...

    [A]: (Open Source Society University Path to a Free Self-Taught Education in Computer Science!, Douglas 2019)

    [Z]: (Teach Yourself CS, Nova and Byrne 2019) ​

    A final word by the grand dame Melanie Mitchell: