Firebird's Sketch of the Week Series

Drawing #273 / 2022 Artwork #136: Proving once again that I'm unable to separate Star Trek and Evangelion these days, here's Rutherford from Lower Decks, inspired by a drawing of Rei Ayanami.

Drawing #274 / 2022 Artwork #137: Urushi Yaotome from When Will Auymu Make His Move.

Drawing #275 / 2022 Artwork #138: How it's felt to be a Nebraska football fan in the Scott Frost era. Hell, it's how it's felt for the last twenty years.

Drawing #276 / 2022 Artwork #139: Just a typical day in Shinji's classroom aboard the USS Nerv. This one was a pain in the ass to complete yesterday, taking about seven hours altogether. I kept having to draw and redraw multiple characters to get them to look right. You have no idea how exhausted my eyes were once I wrapped this up.
Thankfully I based that piece of Urushi from a panel in the manga, so I didn't have to work out the camera angle on my own. It was still annoying as hell to draw it and make the depth of field look correct, followed by getting the right colors and shading since the original was flatly-lit and black & white.
I presume this means you saw their opening game against Northwestern this season......
I spared myself from seeing that trainwreck live, but kept up with the updates on Twitter. Nothing is more Nebraska these days than forgetting to play all four quarters of a football game.
This week was mainly dedicated to finishing off the script for episode four of EVA-Trek (, as well as slogging through the first draft outline of episode seven (which still isn't done...) so it's a bit light in terms of artwork.

Drawing #282 / 2022 Artwork #145: Uryuu and Yuna from Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister, a manga that I'm really hoping gets an anime adaption. Consider this drawing an offering to the anime gods to make it happen.

Drawing #283 / 2022 Artwork #146: Akane Hououji from Megami no Café Terrace, which thankfully just got announced for an anime adaption!
Finally had a lightish week, taking some break time from writing, so I had some more time for drawing! We've got a Trek-heavy week this time!

Drawing #284 / 2022 Artwork #147: Ensign Tendi from Lower Decks, based off a drawing of Rei from Evangelion.

Drawing #285 / 2022 Artwork #148: Ensign Mariner from Lower Decks, finally completing my portrait collection of the four main characters.

Drawing #286 / 2022 Artwork #149: On this week's EVA-Trek, Misato and Kaji take an Aaron Sorkin-esque walk-and-talk through Nerv's corridors. After doing this piece, the only major TNG set I've got left to draw for the series is the Junior Officer's quarters. I've done the rest of the sets from Stages 8 and 9.
Drawing #287 / 2022 Artwork #150: Kouko Kaga from Golden Time.

Drawing #288 / 2022 Artwork #151: A few furry friends from SPYxFAMILY, Maison Ikkoku, and Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out:

Drawing #289 / 2022 Artwork #152: "Mr. Hyuga, set a course, there's coffee in that nebula!"
Decided to attempt to draw every day this month... and I'm already regretting that decision, because I'm also having to carve out time to work on scripts for EVA-Trek as well. I ended up missing yesterday's drawing due to the new covid booster wiping me the hell out by lunchtime. So to compensate, I did two drawings today.

Drawing #290 / 2022 Artwork #153: Detective First Class Kiyone Makibi from Tenchi Muyo.

Drawing #291 / 2022 Artwork #154: Hayase Nagatoro from Don't Toy with Me, Nagatoro-san.

Drawing #292 / 2022 Artwork #155: Kazuya Kinoshita from Kanojo, Okarishimasu.

Drawing #293 / 2022 Artwork #156: Captain William T. Riker, ready to kick some "treacherous Tal Shiar ass" in Star Trek: Picard's season 1 finale.

Drawing #294 / 2022 Artwork #157: Gintoki Sakata, owner and proprietor of Odd Jobs Gin, from Gintama.

Drawing #295 / 2022 Artwork #158: Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki, first officer of the USS Nerv.

Drawing #296 / 2022 Artwork #159: Commander Katsuragi takes command of the USS Nerv during a battle situation.
As usual you did a great job, as for trying to push for one drawing each day, just don't push yourself too hard else you might hit a block which can be agravating.