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Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by Mallory, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    Star Trek Beyond (STB) is now entering its fourth season with a 10 episode storyline. Each episode is produced on a physical set with the assistance of gaming CGI. Episodes are in soap opera format and acted in theatre style.
    Currently we have completed 18 episodes divided into 3 seasons. Season four is now in production. Episodes will be posted bi-weekly.

    Stop by our site at and see the series which has now reached over 300,000 viewers around the world!!

    Our website is interactive and keeps fans informed of every step of production with photo updates, diary entries, and most of all, blooper reels and inside scoops on what is going to transpire in each new season.
    Tells us what you think!

    LCDR Fraoc
  2. FleetAdmiralO

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Okie doke. Lemme see...
    When the USS Churchill is destroyed, its crew must travel to the mirror universe in order to save the Federation.

    "In space, even the bravest sometimes face their worst nightmares...nothing has prepared us for the enemy we fight now: Ourselves. In the Mirror Universe, up is down...good is evil...and we... are just trying to survive."

    - Captain Francis Reeves
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    Dec 31, 2001
    Boise, ID produces all kinds of productions from spy thrillers, to sci fi, fantasy and Harry Potter inspired young people's stories.
  4. trekcast

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Hey we have a great podcast called Trekcast we are doing interviews and news about all things Trek including the new movie news on the new Star Trek: Experience and interviews with cast members check us out at
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    Sep 2, 2008
    Spidery-mints, unknown
    submitted for approval

    1. holoships/crews and/or virtual space - ships/crews
    2. transtellar multiversed N-dimensional travel drives
    3. The holoborg are attacking from future and from outside the multiverse(disguised as bugs)
    4. For now the Earth has been assimilated long ago and is in peaceful productions and maintenance of the planet.
    5. The plot is evolving as we speak.
    6. new ideas welcome?
    bill n.

    Doppler yellow shift matterless implosions
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    Hello trekkers!
    My name is Brian Rivera and I am a professional actor as well as a lover of Shakespeare and Star Trek. After seeing "that scene" in Star trek VI and after buying a copy of The Klingon Hamlet, I have wanted to perform that famous soliloquy of "To or not to be"- in Klingon. Finally, I have fulfilled that goal and have posted my short short on Youtube. For you viewing pleasure, or derision, I offer Klingon Hamlet: taH pagh taHbe', a Still Picture Production performed by me and directed by Amir Sharafeh.
    We had to rush production, so we did not have ideal filming conditions and locations, but we are pleased with our end product.
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    Dec 24, 2007
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    ^Dude... Who are you... I gotta ask where you came up with the name Kaz, cause thats been the short version of mine for a long time. Meh probably simple coincidence.
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    Mallory, do fan re-edits of classic Star Trek episodes fall into the category of presentations and productions shown in this list?
  9. Mallory

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    To be honest, that's a question I've never really considered so I don't have an answer for you right off the top of my head. Let me give it a little thought.

    You might also consider starting another thread and seeing what the general population here thinks.
  10. Professor Moriarty

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    Sep 7, 2001
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    Consider it done :)
  11. Mallory

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    FWIW, I'm generally inclined to let things slide here so long as there's an interest and it's remotely related to the purpose of the forum.
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    Jul 7, 2010
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    Hi there,
    this is my first post here and I like this community from what I've seen till now.

    Looking foward to many interesting threads :)

    Our Project

    Star Trek: Origins

    Point-& Click-Adventure Game

    In 2160 the Earth-Romulan-War brings fear and danger to the Alpha-Quadrant. In this strange times the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 has to face an old enemy: the Borg.
    In pursiut of a romulan Bird of Prey through the galaxy, Cpt. Archer and his crew are going to unveil a ancient secret which effects the fate of a whole civilization and the origin of the Borg as well.

  13. Potemkin_Prod

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    Project: Potemkin
    a Star Trek fan film series

    Set following the Classic Star Trek movies, this new fan film series is set in 2296 aboard the starship Potemkin, an up-rated Constitution III-class (such as the U.S.S. Enterprise-A, NCC-1701-A). It's on a five-year mission of exploration in deep space where its crew will encounter strange new worlds while seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations. Our episodes will focus on science fiction as well as action-adventure.
  14. Bla1n3

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    Sep 12, 2009
    The Empty Quarter
    On an alternate Klingon Empire based on the unrealised PHASE II series two-parter, KITUMBA, I happen to come up with a different explanation why Klingons of TMP appear different from their TOS counterparts. In KITUMBA, "Klingon" is the name of the Military caste, not the species. One could say that these two versions are member races from different planets.
  15. Xavier_Storma

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    Hello fellow fans.

    I have been working on a movie remake of the game "A Final Unity" which was released in 1995 for PC since late 2007.

    The film will be a composition of all new CGI effects (space and planetary surface), stock TNG crew footage (seasons 5 - 7) and new live action scenes (featuring the characters from the game).

    I am about to release a first teaser soon, 50 % of the film have been cut and the work on the SFX is moving forward as well. Casting is in progress and I will shoot the new live action scenes next year.

    You can visit the official homepage at
    and a videoblog at

    Feedback and constructive criticism will be taken seriously.

    Thanks for your interest and support so far! :techman:
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  16. John123

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    I am a new user here so i think i must have given a chance to move forward.
  17. Rob G

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Star Trek in a power outage

    I have something of a fan production to share. My roommate and I lost power last weekend, so to keep ourselves entertained, we did a scene-by-scene remake of Star Trek VI without electricity, from memory ... with action figures.

    More segments to come with the next blackout!
  18. trekie015

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Hello citizens of Earth. I'm Daniel also known as trekie015 and Jacob Polaris. I have come up with an idea for a fan series though am finding it difficult to find help. My current state, Maine seems to be the barren area of trekkies.

    Anyway, visit my site for details. It's pretty new so you'll have to excuse the "new, what should it look like" feel about it.


    Thanks for any help!
  19. Ginandtonic

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    Nov 23, 2010
    London, UK
    The Avengers Return

    The Avengers Return is a tribute to the British television series 'The Avengers' and is to be produced by Gin and Tonic Productions. It is hoped it will be also be a pitch to the revive 'The Avengers' however this is dependent on Canal+ licencing an official pilot episode. The tribute web-isode, penned potential pilot episode and folllowing three episodes have been written by writer/actor Matt E Hudson.

    Ep: Preview 'The wrong agent'
    Runtime: 2minutes
    In production

    Agents John Steed (Matt E Hudson) and Mrs Emma Peel (Georgina Blackledge), are on the trail of a thief who robbed the wrong agent.

    Ep: Tribute 'John Steed and Mrs Peel I Presume'
    Runtime: 10minutes.
    In production

    When agents John Steed (Matt E Hudson) and Mrs Emma Peel (Georgina Blackledge) are alerted to thefts at military and biotech installations, they are sent to investigate activity reported at the abandoned 'United Automation' plant.

    What starts as a routine investigation becomes a night of terror; faced with a cold-war relic a robotic soldier known as a 'Cybernaut', Steed and Mrs Peel must fight for their lives when a ghost from the past unleashes a new wave of faster, deadly, unrelenting cybernetic assassins.
  20. kietero

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Tokyo, Japan
    Produced at: Kietero Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan
    Format: Audio (visual planned)
    Season: First
    Status: In Production

    STAR TREK UNIVERSE centers around Captain Alexander Chase and the Starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-G. Her adventures take place in the 25th century, in a Federation whose economy has been devastated by the Klingon War (as depicted in STAR TREK ONLINE). The mission of the Enterprise is simple: restore humanity to what it was before the last half-century worth of wars by returning to the roots of STAR TREK: exploration!

    Chase is accompanied by Starfleet's best and brightest, who don't always get it right. The crew ranges from two genius level officers to a Vulcan with a distinct heritage, a battle-hungry Hirogen tactical officer, a "by the book" XO, a "hopeless" doctor, an engineer who designed the ship and knows everything, and a hotheaded captain who seems more laid back than any other commander in the fleet!

    Set on the backdrop of political intrigue and a suspenseful mystery that could spell doom for the entire galaxy, Chase must hold onto the values and principles that make the Federation great, while defending her from a tyrant bent on total domination!

    The series stars:
    Jason Donner as "Capt. Alex Chase" and "Dr. Thierey Reynard"
    Eric Hawkins as "XO Cmdr. Hitoshi Ogaki"
    Crystal Hawkins as "Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Dora Strom"
    Jesse Hampton as "Science Officer Lt. S'tok" and "Engineer's Mate Master Chief Petty Officer (EMCM) Paris Coridin"
    Brian Bedard as "Security Chief Lt. Cmdr. Korix"
    Simon Rasmussen as "Helmsman Ensign Daniel Park"

    Season 1's full episode order is currently IN-PRODUCTION
    However, a series of vignettes is also under the same status, with three public releases with one being released next week. These vignettes are available for podcast streaming at the website.

    The website is located at
    The site features a running text-based story called HEADLINES. "Headlines" takes us on a tour of journalism from the time of Ambassador Spock's "death" up to the events of the first episode. This section is updated irregularly, with as many as three stories on a particular day and sometimes a hiatus for a few days. The sheer length of this text-based drama calls for frequent updates, and promises to fill in the period of events between the destruction of Romulus and the launch of Enterprise-G.
    VIGNETTES is where you can stream the current vignettes.
    The site has information on the Enterprise, herself, as well as her lineage.

    Our social page is located on Facebook, at Members of the social community get to download the vignettes a few days before they're made available on the website. The social page is also being used in lieu of using a BBS forum.

    Also, members of our community also get a complete exclusive: "Crew Essays," written by the staff writers, that delve into the heart of our central characters.

    Please take a look at our website and visit our Facebook page!

    STAR TREK UNIVERSE is being developed by Michael Yamazaki from Tokyo, Japan. STU is called "Universe" because of the series' expansive nature, in that in encompasses the entire Star Trek universe, as well as starship-based stories. The first episode is currently in production and will premiere in late fall.
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