Empire Magazine pics!

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    Thanks, TGT. I've been a follower of that particular fan production and I'm glad to see it heading more and more into the aborted PII scripts.
    IIRC, Povill is also a consultant on the fan series.

    The next one up, FYI, is John Merideth Lucas' "Kitumba." (see:http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/forum/index.php?topic=6250.0)

    Thesis' uniform varients for the PII series have also been incorporated into the fan production as well as Jefferies' ship modifications.
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    Hold still, Jim.
    Technically, the correct answer to his question is: Yes.
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    I think this too, that is both a window and an active screen with HUD so they can put images onto it that are semi-transparent. This is a natural progression of today's technology, I see this being a reality in our future, and it makes sense.

    I like it.