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    Holy balls, I've never seen either of these episodes, but I guess Dilbert's boss is also T'Lani!

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    How come we never question that, for example, Worf is afraid if he loses the physical data rods he will lose his Klingon opera collection forever? They report information by carrying around physical padds and data rods which if they lost, would lose forever the information they contained.

    Robust backup technology is 400 years old at this point. :) One would expect the data rods are just the safe backup in case the station's computers get wiped out again and stuff is actually stored in the computer.
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    Perhaps the 24th century RIAA insists that you must have the original data rods in order to play the music.
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    Or telling Worf to make do with the backups/replacements is like telling a hardcore music nerd that it sounds just as good on CD. Original vinyl only for Worf!
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    I think it's cannon somewhere that Cardassians shed scales. Clever use of a makeup problem.
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    Some famous historical examples:

    Swietoslava (c. 1048-1126) consort of Duke and later King Vratislaus II of Bohemia, was the youngest child of Duke Casimir I of Poland (1016-1058) and his wife Maria Dobroniega (after 1012-1087), daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir I of Kiev (c. 958-1015). It is at least slightly possible that Maria Maria Dobroniega's mother was Anna Porphyrogenita (963-1011), which would make Swietosalva born about 85 years after her maternal grandmother.

    Empress Constance (1154-1198) daughter of Roger II, the first King of Sicily (1095-1154) was 40 years, 1 month, and 22 days old when her son Emperor Fredrick II (1194-1250) was born 26 December 1154.

    Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) was 44 years old when her youngest son King John (1166-1216) was born.

    Princes Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (1072/73-1143) married twice and had at least 22 children over a period of 30 year from 1088 to about 1118 when she was about 45 or 46.

    Duke Leopold III of Austria (1 November 1351- 9 July 1386) was born when his mother Joanna of Pfirt (c. 1300-15 November 1351) was allegedly 51.

    The oldest mother to conceive naturally is listed as Dawn Brooke age 59.

    Thanks to modern assisted reproductive medicine, Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara is listed as the oldest women to give birth aged 66 years 358 days. But other women are credited as giving birth up to age 70.



    In "The Neutral Zone" Data told the revived dead people that the year was now 2364 in their calendar.

    Dr. crusher tells Clare Raymond:

    So Clare Raymond died about 1984 to 2004 in her calendar. Her age at death was 35.

    Clare Raymond should have been born about 1948 to 1969 in her calendar.

    Troi locates some of Clare Raymond's descendants.

    Thomas Raymond, Clare's great, great, great, great, great grandson, would be her descendant in seven generations gaps. Assuming that he was between 40 and 100 in 2364, he would have been born between 2264 and 2324, about 295 to 376 years after Clare was born, making about 42.1428 to 53.714 years per generation gap. That certainly implies that the average generation can be much longer in the future than in our era. So perhaps 60-year-old mothers are not so rare in the 24th century as in our era.
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    Imagine Worf's frustration after discovering that that cheap Klingon opera collection set he bought last week has the wrong galactic sector code and hence won't play in this sector ....
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    A couple I noticed recently that maybe everyone already knew about but were new to me (these are story-based rather than production-based):

    It seems like a new aspect to Garak's personality when he comes down with an attack of claustrophobia in "By Inferno's Light". But back in "Second Skin", when Sisko takes him along to Cardassia to rescue Kira, Garak off-handedly remarks to Sisko that the Defiant's tiny cabins are "a little claustrophobic". I don't know if the writers were already thinking along those lines for Garak, or if they wrote it as an offhand line and only thought later that they could make use of it, or if they completely forgot they did it. But it's a nice little tie-in either way.

    Likewise in "The Quickening", we learn that the Dominion are fully capable of designing and implementing a contagion to attack someone they don't like. Given that they already genetically engineered the Jem'Hadar and the Vorta, that's not a huge surprise. But on the disease aspect of it, this sets up the reveal in "Broken Link" that they already infected Odo with a similar disease to get him to do what they want.
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    There should have been a running joke of people finding Garak's full body sheddings all over DS9.
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    There's also a scene with Garak at Quark's bar (I think it was in The Wire, but I can't find the exact clip), and he is contorting his upper half in abnormal ways. You can see the thick ridges on his neck and shoulders flex in a way that bone probably shouldn't.

    Speaking of Garak, take note of his clothing during In the Pale Moonlight. He looks as if he's wearing a Starfleet operations uniform from 2360-66.

    This episode is often cited as the epitome DS9 deconstructing the Roddenberry ideal, with Sisko going against the Federation ethos and having his conscience tested to destruction. There's a dark poetry in having Garak subtly remind us of early TNG, when the sanctimonious moralism was at its peak.
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    Re: Garak's claustrophobia. Andrew Robinson worked with the writers to create his character, and added elements that were true in RL to the character. One of those elements was his claustrophobia. He stated in an interview that he was afraid he wouldn't be able to continue doing the character because the make-up was making him claustrophobic--it was like being in a coffin--until he saw himself in the mirror and fell in love with the way the character looked. He didn't have a problem with the make-up after that.
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    Did I notice correctly, I think i saw the same backwards footage of a Klingon flying around in 'Generations' (movie) and in some battle scene in season 7 episode of DS9...