Spoilers Did Picard finally ''right the ship'' with Picard season 3?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Picard' started by The Overlord, Feb 18, 2023.

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    It gave them shallow, depth-filled emotions that were whispered yet shouted as the action ripped through the quietness of the scene.

    I trust you can figure out what happened next.
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    I can’t get to my Imgur account at the moment but I’m jonesing to post the “Norman… coordinate” picture right now.
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    And if there is a complaint that the main characters aren't developed enough why ask for less of that and more development of minor characters / glorified extras?

    "The inability to even tell us more about the lives of helm officers Ensign Wallace (who was in over 60 TNG episodes), Ensign Jae (over 60 TNG episodes) Ensign Gates (46 TNG episodes) was really a problem. Why are these people on the bridge if we don't even know anything about them? We need to have episodes devoted to the bridge crew like Voyager and Enterprise had. Major weakness of TNG there."
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    A big portion of my issues with DISCO revolve around the heavy arcs, the middling middle parts, not really sticking the landing (except for season 4 for the most part, finally), the ramping of stakes each time to an absurd level, and how professionals are supposed to work during an emergency. I only chimed in on the Detmer and company stuff because it was something another person said that reminded of that issue I had before but hadn't really addressed it.

    I'm fine with moving on to the thread topic, which is PICARD. I think I might have stayed on the DISCO stuff too long and it caused others to do the same, so for that, I'm sorry.
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