Did any ENT actors direct episodes of the show?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Mr. Laser Beam, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Looks like a discussion topic to me. Particularly since there has been, y'know, discussion on the topic of series regulars directing episodes.

    1. Not off-topic, if they are talking about series regulars directing episodes, or movies, or related little sidebars.
    2. Nobody will read a long thread? We have some threads here with thousands of posts, and still very active.
    3. Meandering discussion? Maybe, maybe not. We won't know until we see how the discussion goes. It's quite typical for a thread to ebb and flow. And if it strays too far, I hear they have moderators who would steer the thread back on topic.
    4. We always welcome new members to a topic, even if they haven't had a chance to read through a long thread. In fact, they might offer a new perspective that would stimulate discussion.

    Actually, the purpose of a discussion board is for members to have discussions. We always encourage that. Basic research and discussion about the results of that research can happily co-exist.

    1. Since discussion has already ensued, I don't think it's necessary to retitle the thread.
    2. The thread will be 100 pages now? I guess this means you expect this to be a popular thead. Win!
    3. I'll leave it up to our members to decide whether they want to dive into a long-established thread. Personally, I have found some long threads to be well worth perusing and enjoying, and others, not so much. To each his own. :)

    On with the discussion!
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    This is an interesting topic, because I had merely assumed that there must have been some, if only a few, episodes directed by the ENT cast because of the prior pattern.

    I had no idea that they never directed a single episode, any of them. Very unfair.
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    I may have missed something upthread, but isn't it only unfair if someone both wanted to direct and had the talent to do so?
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    I think the only cast member of ENTERPRISE that had prior experience was Scott Bakula. I never heard anything about other cast members wanting to or being approached to direct.
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    That was also the reason he gave for declining to appear as Spock in GEN - he wasn't given enough input and felt his character had made a sufficient goodbye in STVI.
    IIRC, he was open to rewriting the script (or maybe this was for TUC) but felt that just directing someone elses script wasn't his thing.
  6. lazarus+

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    Actually I think I crossed a wire. I think Garrett Wang was the actor that wanted to direct and stated that he was denied the chance.

    I don't like to spread wrong info... :ack:
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    I'm sure if Bakula wanted to direct, he would have been allowed to. The producers usually listened to his suggestions, and he seems to have had at least some experience.