Details About Galaxy's Edge - New Disney Themed Land

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by crookeddy, Jul 6, 2018.

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    I'm curious how big they are going to be.
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    Probably about a foot tall at the most. Something a child could hold onto well.
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    I'm curious. How is it bothersome to anyone that the venue will have female bartenders or female captains or anything else? That seems ludicrous. Nor are female characters of strength or command even remotely a new concept, so all this seems strange - as if we're acting it's 1940 or something and society has not evolved since then? I'm not sure what you're trying to say above and beyond what the article is announcing, as female bartenders have existed in Star Wars for some time and I don't see how that's bothersome to anybody.

    Also, what is a "nerd"? Back in the day and many possible "days" exist, anyone watching and being a fan of these shows was typically branded as one - which would not exclude you. But it's unfair to me and you and everyone to have to guess, much less unwitting and/or inaccurately or otherwise make insinuation. What are you trying to say in your OP above and beyond the article yet relevant to it and the article didn't say all that much I read it, and I almost forgot - Ackmena isn't the bartender... but doesn't the 1978 Holiday Special doesn't count, as it created plenty of things to expand the SW universe with, as shown in later movies (Wookiee homeworld (ep III), Boba Fett (ep II, III, V, VI), etc)?
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    Argh! SJWs and their liberal agenda putting the white man down again. How can I ever feel good about my small penis after this? BUILD THE WALL!!!

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