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    The only downside to this announcement is now I feel like I'm being forced to read the 2nd Romulan War book. :)

    This is really good news. Congrats Christopher. I'm looking forward to this.
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    The man just said you don't have to read To Brave the Storm to read Rise of the Federation.
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    Christopher, I'm very excited to hear about this. I appreciate how thoroughly you've considered all of the questions you have.

    When I first watched Enterprise, I was very intrigued and much liked it -- I think some of that was the idea that it WAS Star Trek and, like it was my crack, even the bad stuff seemed good. I quickly fell out of love and stopped watching. Recently, though, I re-watched it and, like you, changed my frame of mind. Genuinely, I think going into it and understanding that this is part of the universe and accepting it as a story that someone told (and though I may have told differently, is still the story out there), it was much better to appreciate.

    I do digress with you on the fourth season, which was my favorite because of the politics (my bachelor's degree is in political science, so I at least feign a certain amount of interest in those stories). But I like how thoroughly you've considered so many of those unanswered questions -- it seems like you're story is definitely going to hit hard at those things people may have seen as "inconsistencies" (i.e. why was the Federation structure so similar to the Earth structure for Starfleet?).

    Congratulations again! I haven't read a new Star Trek novel in ages, but will definitely pick this one up :)
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    As I just said in the "Strangers From The Sky Vs. First Contact" thread, we know from canon that after the Earth-Romulan War ends, the Romulans are never heard from again until "Balance of Terror" 105 years later. So the story of the Romulan War is decisively over. What I'm doing here, therefore, is not a continuation of the earlier books' storyline, but the beginning of a whole new storyline. So it works fine as a jumping-on point, so long as you have a basic familiarity with Enterprise the TV series.
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    That's good to know! I'm very interested in picking up ANY Trek novel by you, but I don't really feel like reading the Romulan War series. I might eventually, but knowing I can just pick up this one and have fun, is good news!!
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    Awesome news! I can't wait to preorder this. :)
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    As much as I agree and disagree with you personally here on the TrekBBS, I honestly can't think of a better author to write for the next chapter of Enterprise and her crew not to mention the founding of the Federation. This is the first book for next year I'll be anticipating.

    I wish you well on your endeavour to take this book on. It's an epic chance that many a Trek fan and writer would dream of. Dude you're writing about the founding of the Federation! Don't screw it up. :)
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    Christopher, I can't tell you how deeply excited I am to finally read this story. Finally, we have a new ENT novel post-Romulan War!

    You seem like the right choice, I can't wait to see your take on the characters!
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    This is now my most anticipated Trek read for next year! Now if you could just find a little time to write another TMP period novel, that would be all sorts of awesome. Just sayin'... no pressure...are you writing it yet?
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    Yay!!!! Love it when Chris Bennett gets a chance to stretch his legs. Always wondered how the Federation ironed over the inevitable wrinkles. Wonder what the Tellarite contribution was, that is the least character-developed founding species, I believe.
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    Great News! Looking forward to this one Christopher.
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    This is great! I had feared the Enterprise books series was over after the Romulan War duology, happy to hear that the adventure continues.
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    I have to admit I actually let out an audible excited squeal when I saw the the title of the thread, and then who was writting the book. I've been dying to read this story since Enterprise ended, so that has me excited, but knowing that you're writing it makes me even more excited. I cannot wait.
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    Congratulations on this one!

    Looking forward to seeing the results!
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    Bennett's books are usually fairly decent, so I'll give this one a go. Even though my interest in Enterprise is pretty much non-existent at this point.
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    I'm very excited by this. I love Enterprise, but have really had to drag myself through all the post-series books to date. My favourite Trek author taking it on, in what sounds like a very interesting take on the series, is excellent news!
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    Excellent news Christopher .