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    Sep 5, 2011
    It was boring. Game was over mid-2nd quarter. Shouldn't the playoff system have weeded out the Raiders as a "boring" team?

    Just a little devil's advocate here, as I hate the BCS as well. Obviously, it worked out for me this year.

    I think the real complaint that a lot of people have about last night's games is that it featured two teams who are extremely similar, yet didn't have the now-popular spread offense. Any game involving Alabama or LSU and a team with a spread offense would have been exciting, but I truly believe Alabama and LSU would beat anyone else in the field. A 4, 8, 16 team playoff very likely would have given us the same result (unless Alabama and LSU were in the same bracket).

    People who don't understand football (which is A LOT of people) just want to tune in, drink a beer, and watch a receiver haul in a 50 yard pass and run untouched into the endzone. They UNDERSTAND touchdowns. They don't understand sacks, tackles for loss, broken plays, or well-defended receivers forcing the incomplete pass. They barely understand how that receiver got the ball in the first place for the touchdown; they have no concept of developing plays or even an offensive gameplan.

    See what people were talking about in the Denver Pitt game. People upset that Pittsburgh's safety bit on the run and was two steps behind Thomas on the 80 yard OT reception. They don't understand why he "missed his assignment" when in fact he was doing his job, and just got outcoached on that play.
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    Alabama or LSU may well have beaten Stanford or Oklahoma State. My point is, as one less teams (and Oklahoma State as a 1 loss team with a superior strength of schedule to Alabama) should have had the opportunity to do that on the field in a plus one, national semifinal, what have you. If Bama wins, fine. I can accept that if it's decided on the field.

    However....seeing LSU founder and flounder because douchebag the wonder coach was so shell shocked he couldn't even tell his QB to open it up a little just to try and get something going on offense since Bama's defense was a concrete wall, it makes the whole thing seem even more egregious. O-State would have had a shot at that LSU team, last night. Not during the regular season, but last night? Oh yes. Les couldn't adjust for shit. The triple option isn't going to work against corners and defensive backs like Bama's, douchebag on the bayou.