Chakotay, The Root of The Borg Alliance?

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I was rewatching "ALLIANCES", and it occured to me... since Chakotay was the one to get Janeway to try forming alliances with Kazon factions, which went against her beliefs, training, gut, etc., do you think this was how the seed was planted for her coming up with the idea of forming an alliance with the Borg in "SCORPION"? It seems a similar scenario... trying to ally with outlaws/people who use brutality and violence as commonplace activities, or in this case mass murderers of billions, even entire species.

    If so, it would be quite ironic since he was VERY much against the Borg alliance.

    I wonder if anyone has further thoughts on this?
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  2. Ghislaine H. B. BRAEME

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    Being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Janeway decided to take the least risk possible with an ennemy with which she knew how to deal - and rather, thought to know, thanks to Picard's expericence of the Borg - while Species 8472 was not only totally unknown to her but learning that their dangerousness even frightened Borgs, deemed to be afraid of anything or anyone, was an information she could not overshadow.

    "Mon Dieu, gardez-moi de mes amis. Quant à mes ennemis, je m'en charge!" - Voltaire
    (God, protect me from my friends, the enemies I can handle myself!)

    For Chakotay, who stayed maybe too much in the Maquis, "The end justifies the means" (& "Divide and rule", which often works but sometimes, it turns against someone else or against oneself), even if in the fact, it is not following the rules...or it is immoral , ...what was quite ironic knowing that he afterwards, he was the one to reproach to Janeway some of her actions. :whistle:
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    Interesting idea, OP. I wish there had been more explanation of Janeway's thought processes when she was dealing with these two (somewhat) similar scenarios. Show how the Kazon deal may be influencing her thinking with the Borg and let the characters debate the point from there. I find both characters more interesting when their relationship is more contentious.

    My choices: limited tech trade with the Kazon, use some foresight when trading holotechnology to the Hirogen, no deals with the Borg ever, and give the Vidiians as many of Neelix's organs as it takes to get through their territory as necessary.