Contest: ENTER April Art Challenge - Suggest Your Themes!


Fan Art Challenge Winner
Voting is underway for the winner of February's Challenge, Blueprints has been chosen for this month's Theme and we also get to plan (;)) ahead for April's Theme - Easter is coming and Spring will be well underway for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere... does that bring anything to mind for potential Themes?

Please post your ideas here and feel free to discuss, ask questions and suggest ideas for entries for any of the submitted themes. If we can get a conversation started about the challenge it'll help to get those creative juices flowing. :)

Also, the least popular Themes from the last few polls have enter THE NEUTRAL ZONE and are in danger of being eliminated from the vote in the coming months. (Last month's Neutral Zoners got similar numbers to other themes in the latest poll so they get to stick around a little longer.)

The Current List of Themes:

Transporter Malfunctions
Duplicates, amalgamations and transmogrifications. Oh my!

The Menagerie
We hear about Berengarian dragons, and Andorian bulls, and Orion wing-slugs, and Terrelian seapods and the like, but didn't get to see them. What do they look like? How big are they? What kind of environment do they live in? Will they eat you?!?

The More Things Change

Time may move at warp speed, but not everything does. Show us how something Trek has changed over the years - landscapes, buildings, ships, people, beliefs.

Body by Brand Name
Since certain iconic brands are bound to survive or be revived in the future, what would a starship/uniform/base, pretty much anything, look like if it was built or designed by a particular company? Not limited to products or types of products the company makes. So what about a starship designed by Tiffany/Swarovski? A tricorder from Blackberry?

The New Next Generation

Show what would follow your favorite incarnation of Star Trek.

This is Me/Us

Insert yourself in some kind of art...whether a photoshop, hand drawing, or costume photo...something where you show yourself (or a friend/relative).


A New Year is here so taking inspiration from that show us some Trek Art related to new Beginnings. It could be inspired by something from the start of your favourite series or show us the beginning of a new mission, the introduction of a new character, ship or family member.

Where My Heart Is, Beyond Antares (nice! using a lyric)

How do characters/species show their love for each other? Friends, parents and kids, true loves...anything you want.

80s Animated Mash!
A mash-up of a classic (or obscure) 1980s animation with the 80s Star Trek crew/show/movie of your choice - 2280s TOS Movies or 2380s Lower Decks and Prodigy. (And there's always the Short Trek "Children of Mars", snippets from DS9: "The Visitor" and PIC, amongst other bits & bobs.)

Tall Tales
Or, a funny thing happened on the way to Delta Vega. Dedicated to those adventures that are the most bizarre and unbelievable, the ones where if you described them to someone they'd reckon you'd done a little too much LDS - Abraham Lincoln floating in space, holograms taking over the Enterprise, being shrunk to the size of a toy, evolving into a lizard?! Or perhaps you can think of something even weirder than those we've seen on the show.


Not Good Enough
Art inspired by unpopular episodes.

Specific show theme
Maybe this can carry for much of 2023... do this in cooperation with one of the boards (like TNG, or DS9) , where they pin the contest there as well, and allow for cross/duplicate posting on that board (to allow for bigger interest in the contest). (Post below and tell us your preferred show)


Voting for April's Theme will commence ~17 March. Please post your ideas by then for inclusion in the poll.

Have Fun! :bolian:
Fighting Stance
Show hand-to-hand combat at its best and worst - honorable surrender, self-sacrifice, using someone as human/alien shields, no mercy, knock down drag out, fancy footwork, anything goes!

We're All Friends At This Table
Depict characters from different backgrounds forgetting their differences, crew of a ship coming together, cooking being a universal language, enemies declaring a truce, etc. all centered around eating and drinking.
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Oh, I like We're All Friends At This Table, @Laura Cynthia Chambers. The combination of characters that people choose should be very interesting! For example, the 1986 bus punk, 2063 Lily Sloane, 2152 Soval, 2293 Captain Harriman, 2341 Ambassador Koro, and 2382 Dr. T'Ana ought to be good for an awkward, but hopefully friendly conversation or two :D

My only thought so far is Timekeeping. We know our Starfleet crews get themselves into all sorts of temporal scrapes, but how do they (and other galactic citizens) tell the time wherever they are? Apart from stardates, the odd PADD/viewscreen display, Sisko's Saltah'na clock, and a couple of "antique" 20th century watches, what do contemporary timepieces look like in the Star Trek time periods? Especially those from worlds other than Earth? After all, not everywhere has a 24 hour day...
Thank you for those ideas, I'll added them to the poll. :)

I've been thinking the Specific Show Theme is a good idea but as it's kind of nebulous it hasn't had a fair shot in the polls. So, I propose to swap it out for a "sticky" Theme which cycles through the different shows, one per month, starting with TNG (as it hasn't been too long since we had a dedicated TOS theme).

Specific Show -- The Next Generation
Dedicated to art inspired by one specific Star Trek show/era. Each month you have the opportunity to vote for a different era cycling through: TOS/TAS --> TNG --> DS9 --> VOY --> ENT --> MOVIES --> DSC --> PIC --> LDS --> PRO --> SNW --> TOS/TAS --> ...