Contest: VOTE April 2018 Art Challenge - Final Poll

Vote for ONE!

  • Lord Other

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • Orac

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Starscape

    Votes: 8 50.0%

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Fan Art Challenge Winner
April's Art Challenge invited you to enter a Star Trek universe were magic reigned instead of science.

Four magicians stepped up to wielded their wands to create an entry, but alas pl1ngpl0ng's entry was lost to the aether. So we have three left for you to vote on, who do you feel showed their colourful magic or pulled a rabbit out of their hat? You decide:

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Lord Other



And to the winner goes the prize of choosing and hosting May's Art Challenge.
(Poll closes on the 4th May)
Well, it looks like I get to call this contest for myself. That's embarrasing. :alienblush:

Thanks to all the entrants and everyone who voted. Well done, Lord Other it was a close call in the end.

I have an idea or two for May's contest, I'll post the new contest thread soon.