Anyone else not hate "Bound"?

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    The greenness always put me off. Right from when I first watched Wolf in the Fold I thought the greenness really de-sexualized them. Now BLUE.. that's a lot sexier colour.
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    You're right about the Phlox line. But this does raise an interesting question about sexual preference. The Orions' pheremones were said to affect men "physiologically" by causing them to desire the girls so much that they all want to be the "alpha male" in hopes of attracting them.

    So if there had been any gay men on board, isn't the aforementioned definition saying that the gay men's sexual preference would be altered so that they would, possibly for the first and only time, want these particular women?

    The episode may actually be kind of unconsciously throwing "born this way", under the bus. Not trying to make any grand political statements here, just speculating on the events in "Bound".

    BTW, King Daniel, you should get some sort of prize for bringing up an issue in an Ent episode that (I don't think) has ever been raised before in this forum.

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    Yes, you're right - it's all a big undefined grey area to say the least. Although, having said that, I doubt it's anything Manny Cotto thought about in great detail while penning the episode - if at all.
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    This sums up my feelings of the episode also.

    My only problem with it was the "twist" ending of having the men be the slaves. I thought that silly little cliche' was uneccesary, but it was such a minor part of the episode that I can ignore it.
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    I love the teaser -- the Vulcan version of Here Be Dragons. I don't mind the episode except that it should have featured a revolt by all the women plus Tucker. It felt lazy that every female got a headache.
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    Agreed. A good episode:bolian:
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