AndyP's Trek building thread

@Santaman Thanks! I'm happy with how it is turning out.

Updates since last posts!
-re-modeled the floor around the main level of the warp core and added the correct railing!
-modeled the lift!
-modeled the area opposite of the engineering office!
-modeled the "Those are control chips!" consoles (previously I created the LCARS for those terminals as they appear in voyager, I'm going to use them instead of the TNG versions)

At this point I have most of the modeling done on the set (minus the ladder) I will now go back and look for details that I missed, and then start adding details like set labels and electric tape details. After that... LCARS, which for some reason I am not looking forward to making.




Hey guys!

Updates since last posting! I've created the Impulse and warp power LCARS displays! Now to slice and dice them to fit all of the displays that they go in on the set. I must admit they are not 100% screen accurate, but close enough. Eventually I plan on going back and making them animatable so that they have the motions that you see on screen.

I still need to create the MSD, which is probably going to happen very very last.



I happened across this thread while trying to re-find something else... joined the BBS just to say one thing and to ask one question:

Firstly - sterling work! I'm loving this! As a fellow "I do 3D modelling when i'm bored at work" person, i'm amazed by how much you've achieved. Your talent in Blender shines through clearly!

My question however is this - - is this you as well? Because if it is, you've literally come up with the best looking representation of what I personally think the Ambassador class should have been I've ever seen. I love how well it blends the Probert painting with the screen design, while also being a beautiful halfway house between the modified Excelsior Ent-B and the Ent-D.
@Carthesis Welcome! Yes I did make that ship! I originally built it for Bridge Commander. I was going for a design that was a blending of the Excelsior as well as the Ambassador class!
I've wanted to go back and revisit this design, maybe update it.

Someone a while back pointed out a design flaw of the impulse engines going right into the bussard collectors would probably not be a good. So I'd likely add a deck to the neck, / redesign the engines a bit.
Is it a design flaw if the Enterprise-B, Enterprise-E and Titan (Picard) also have the impulse exhaust going right into the bussard collectors? :)
Someone a while back pointed out a design flaw of the impulse engines going right into the bussard collectors would probably not be a good. So I'd likely add a deck to the neck, / redesign the engines a bit.
Not a design flaw rather a design improvement. The high quality waste stuff in the impulse exhaust is directly recycled back into the ship's matter collection system. :techman:
That someone might have been me.. it's all Eaves's fault, he keeps trying to destroy nacelle pylons or the nacelles themselves with his pointing the impulse exhauts right at them shenanigans.. :p
I need a break from the engine room, and I have been feeling the urge to model a ship. So in keeping with my recent theme, I Figured I might as well model.... the fat one.

I've started working on the saucer section, as well as the neck. and top portion of the stardrive. Still working on it.