Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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    Yes, but I wasn't talking about her readiness for joining, but whether she came across as having what it took to be the person she was said to have been before joining.
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    I can believe it. It take years of preparation that Ezri didn't have and Dax, particularly Curzon, was a helluva lot to live up to. I think anyone would be a mess in the first few months.
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    I'm new here so sorry if this is being repeated.

    I liked Ezri a lot. I think she had two huge things going against her, one, she was a replacement of a very well loved character, and two, she only had one season. Asside from just being adorable, I thought it was great the way she was unprepared for joining. Her struggle was interesting. It was previously very well established that trills train for a VERY long time to receive a slug. Ezri didn't want it, and was unprepared. Then on top of that she ended up back on DS9 where she still felt her friendships and love for someone who felt like a husband, while they all looked at her as a stranger and a reminder of their lost friend and wife.
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    She really is a weak character. Granted, one season to develop a somewhat new character isn't enough time. I tolerate her though because I've always had a huge celebrity crush on Nicole de Boer.
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    I loved Jadzia (yes, I recognize that writing was inconstant and contradictory, but she was my favorite character anyway) and as I watched recently I knew she would die. I thought I would hate Ezri (and I would surely hate it if I did not have time to get used to Jadzia's death and its replacement) but I fell in love with her, it was really cute. I think it made it easier to understand how the host / symbiont thing works. And I really think it would be a lot more interesting to see her with Jake than with Bashir.
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    Now that's an idea, Jake and Ezri. I love that idea.
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    Jake and Ezri--too much ew factor for me. Talk about a cougar...!
    Bad enough that she ends up with perennial child Bashir, although there is hope for him--he seems to have learned a lot during his time in the holosuites. :cool:
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    I didn't care much for Ezri Dax at all.

    I liked Jadzia more.
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    Jake and Ezri is an interesting idea to contemplate. Jake is completely lost in the shuffle in the last season, so I like the notion of giving him something to do. On the other hand, there is something creepy about Curzon having known him as a baby...

    Man, I love the Trill. Such a great concept for a species.
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