A Private Little War

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    It always bothered me that the landing party brought phasers along to begin with. Spock says in no uncertain terms that the use of phasers is expressly forbidden. Even splitting hairs and saying 'use' of and 'possesion' of are not the same thing, still why bring them at all? Kirk even had the pistol type, not the little box one (which as I recall from reading somewhere were supposed to be used for circumstances where the crew did not want to appear noticeably armed. :whistle:). It's not as if Kirk had the ship beam down a phaser rifle or anything...but it's hard to justify bringing something along that is forbidden. That small box that Nona had was bound to turn up in the official reports of the incident. Won't answering that question to his superiors about all this make Kirk look like a boob in a way? It'll sound like he's trying to pawn the blame on McCoy, when all he did was get socked with a rock.

    Actually, this episode was probably the most trigger-happy I've ever seen McCoy now that I think about it!
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    And being sexy means that all of her bad traits are just little sins because she's fuckable.

    Bah. Some men...
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    Hmm. I think Henoch makes a good point in there not really being all that many "bad traits" to begin with. She's a bit possessive, but that's mutual genderwise on that planet. She initially agrees with Kirk on strategy, rather than with Tyree; is that a "bad trait"? She then decides either to swap loyalties, or then to go kill the enemy leader in his lair, difficult to tell which; a brave move in either case. Doesn't get her far, but her failure certainly isn't a trait thing, considering her winning streak until then...

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    Hey everyone, that image of Nona came up as being hotlinked from Trekcore.

    That is a big no-no!