A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

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    The trapdoor was Ivanova getting command of her own ship. If it happened in an earlier season we might have had Corwin as Sheridan's second, or maybe finally meet Major Atumbe, the mysterious third in command who somehow manages to escape all the week-to-week trials that afflict the other characters.
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    Exactly how many times was Atumbe mentioned anyway? I've seen it written here and there that Atumbe cropped up in dialogue a few times but the only mention I've ever noticed that one in 'Eyes' where Ivanova is about to leave her post.
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    Yes, that's the only Atumbe reference I'm aware of too. And since "Eyes" was written by DiTillio, Atumbe's canonical status is dubious at best. :p (also see "Bureau 13")
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    No, JMS has defiantly referenced Atumbeas the third in command, at least in season one. Don't ask me why, but I keep wanting to refer to Atumbe as a 'her' rather than a 'him', even though no gender pronouns were used in dialogue. Weird.

    As for Bureau 13, from what I can discern from the Psi Corps books I think the "canon" explanation is that it was an operation under Psi Corps' Department Sigma, which itself had by that point been co-opted by the same EA elements behind the EF Bio Weapons Division, IPX and Clark's play for power.
    It's not too much of a stretch to presume that after both Control and their attempt to restart Project Lazarus were exposed that Sigma closed down Thirteen's operation and folded it back into Sigma proper.
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    Secrets of the Soul (***)

    Dr Franklin begins his work on whatever it was that he's doing now, and to do that he must get access to Hyach medical records. But he finds a dangerous secret and now the Hyach are going to kill him! Or something. I like the idea of this plot, that there's a race that's covering up the fact that they committed genocide, but the execution here is clumsy and uninteresting, it consists of a Hyach threatening to kill Franklin if he finds out about a secret and then several scenes of Franklin sitting at his computer. The story only picks up at the revelatory scene and at that point it's too late for me to give much of a damn. What the Hyach did was wrong, sure enough, but the episode needs more than that to keep it interesting.

    Meanwhile, there's a plot about Byron and his telepaths. No, don't run away! :( He's really not that annoying, except for his hair. Once again, the story here suffers a bit from not being interesting enough, but it's not so bad as to make me despise Byron. It essentially comes down to supernatural goths getting into a fight with English football hooligans. I'm not sure why new telepaths are coming to the station to join Byron when the Psi Corps are going to show up in 50 days to arrest all of them, but this episode neglects that fact.

    The end of the episode has a bit of a punch to help the score out: topless Lyta and the promise of some shit going down. Will Byron and his cult take action now that they know about the Vorlon interference? Will they be the ones that held Garibaldi hostage back in The Deconstruction of Falling Stars? Or will they decide to open a café on the station and settle down? There's so many possibilities!
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    Aw crap.

    The two review threads that I read. :(
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    Well, that's retarded. GodBen didn't even say anything bad. Oh well, his and JB's threads were pretty much all I was here for. Maybe I'll be back again sometime. Later.
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    It's not like he won't be back.
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    I hope not. A permaban for that would have been a little extreme. BUT! It's not our place to discuss such things, so...um....

    Yay, Babylon 5! :D :ouch:
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    And when he returns, he'll be smugger than ever. :p
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    I said out, dammit!
    Chase Masterson posts on the DS9 forum?!
    Damn, I'm gonna start visiting!
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    Jesus Christ that thread is a war zone. Go there at your own peril! :eek:
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    Aw man... :( Are we sure he'll be back? I realize I never post here, but I read this thread every day and it is the main reason I come to the trekbbs at all. I mostly only go to the other forums occasionally to procrastinate between the reviews coming in here lol :p Anyway I looked at the thread where he was banned and couldn't see any comment on for how long? Is there a place here where we can check what the bans given are? (I would like to know because as I said its the main reason I come to the trekbbs and will just take a break till its over :))
    Anyway I've been meaning to say it for awhile (but have a phobia of posting so haven't yet) but TheGodBen, I love your reviews- have since your Voyager ones, and hope you keep doing them (DS9 is next right?). Thanks for all the entertainment :D
  15. Haha woooowwww I read that thread...whys everyone so hilariously self-important in there? :rofl: that looks like the most dramatic moderator overreaction everrr
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    I guess he was just never meant to overtake me in our co-current B5 review threads.:shrug:

    Edit: wait, I thought it was just J-Bob who was banned. How'd G-Ben get tangled in that?
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    He was doing what he does best: being unbearably smug, apparently a high-risk occupation when T'Bonz is in a bad mood ;)
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    I don't understand why they banned GodBen either but he should be back soon enough. I'm interested in hearing his thoughts on the continuing Byron storyline.
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    Don't be so sure. They perma-banned the other guy. Which blows.
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    I hope he comes back. If he's gone back into the past though to become Valen, never to return again, I'll be miffed.