3D interiors in Blender

Been thinking for a while of doing a ready room and briefing room combo for the USS Thunderchild. So, after some false starts during the weekend (when my power wasn't failing, thanks Edesur...) I have a basic idea in place for the ready room. Luckily the Akira bridge module is massive so it fits in there, and the windows pretty much match with those on the outside.

The set itself is obviously inspired by the Defiant/Starbase 375 office set, but larger, though still smaller than the Enterprise-E ready room. I modeled the same desk from Defiant's, and the windows are the same too. In fact I matched the 16 degree angle of those walls, better seen on the USS Valiant ready room. I intend to also do those black plastic chairs for the desk, while keeping the better chair from the Enterprise-E for the Captain. I'll probably add a sofa below the windows, and some side tables or stuff like that. The layout is very much in-flux at the moment, still trying to figure things out.


@Lt. Washburn: Thanks!

@batboy853: Yes, I intend to add that on the wall to the right of the desk. :)

Only worked on this for over an hour today, so just a slight refinement of the room shape. I ended up adding another half a meter to the room's width, plus I added another door at the back for a small toilet, something most ready rooms have. I moved the replicator and will be placing a model ship where the replicator was before.

I also started blocking out a basic shape of the sofa, which is a Brigadier Sofa aka the one used on Voyager's mess hall. To me it's perfect for this location as it sits very low, thus it doesn't block out the windows. Plus because of its deep shape, people won't be hitting their heads against the angled wall.


Nice. I was gonna recommend moving the replicator, not crazy about it facing away from the desk in the first picture. Maybe a couple of alcoves for displayed items. Books, including one from the Academy library, ceramic figures, crystal balls, 23rd century self-sealing bolts.
@Lt. Washburn: Har har har :p

@Finn: This replicator's proving very bothersome... :lol:

After thinking about it some more, I wasn't totally happy with that replicator placement either, so I took a page out of the Enterprise-D ready room, and moved it to a little alcove, with the toilet door now further down that little corridor.

I lowered the intensity of the ceiling lights and added some spotlights, alongside a beam going across the ceiling in the same style as the ones on the Defiant mess hall/sickbay/transporter set (aka the Saratoga and Odyssey bridge). I also modeled a little side table from Voyager's mess hall, which I think fits the style, to have the ship model on. Right now I'm using Marc Bell's Akira model, I'll probably do my own simplified model later. Then again I might remove the ship model entirely and put something else there.




Very nice!! I still think your Akira bridge is stunning. If that had been a set on DS9, it would fit in perfectly.
It’s so nice to see what the Defiant sets on Deep Space Nine could have looked like they hadn’t built them as tightly as a submarine. Really cool to see how well the style translates to larger sets and is still recognizable. :bolian:
I feel like a chair, loveseat or little coffee table would help fill up the space next to the sofa.
I lowered the intensity of the ceiling lights and added some spotlights, alongside a beam going across the ceiling in the same style as the ones on the Defiant mess hall/sickbay/transporter set (aka the Saratoga and Odyssey bridge).
Just for funsies, I looked up EAS to see what the actual bridge looked like, and uh I found this.
Ex-Astris-scientia said:
Reconstruction of the Odyssey Bridge
by Tadeo D'Oria and Bernd Schneider
Shkoyach!! :bolian:
@Mage: Thanks!

@ashleytinger: Yeah it's one of those things you never think about until you have to place it hahaha

@Michael: Thanks! If only Paramount had infinite stage space during the 90's :lol:

@Jedman67: I had something in mind for that space next to the sofa. ;)

Modeled the Defiant mess hall "bar" for the small space between the replicator and the sofa. Made sense to have a place to put a tray or something like that, plus it adds something visually interesting to that corner I believe.

Still, I might shuffle things around, as the wall between the door and the windows is particularly empty at the moment, and I don't want to add yet another sort of table.




One thing bothers me a bit. that thing displaying the Akira model...I think I'd keep bumping into that thing if I was the Captain, especially if you decide to put in a coffee table like the one on Voyager.
your art has inspired me to re-log on after a 10 year + hiatus. Love what you do :)

I always like to think the design language used for the Federation props/sets/misc of the equipment hardware showcased on DS9 was from Starfleet's "expeditionary series" were things designed to be simple to use, fix, and extremely durable.

Hope you at some point can do the sick bay there was also sorts of battlefield style peices in there i thought would look intresting at scale.
Actually seeing it now, I'd add another chair behind the captains desk, that can be turned to face the couch.

Love the rest of the room here.
@cardinal biggles: Yeah, I considered it and played around with a few ideas, let me know your thoughts on what I ended up placing there!

@Finn: There won't be a coffee table, as on Voyager we saw that people placing PADDs and even their coffee mugs on the huge armrests of that sofa. Plus the Captain's meant to walk towards the desk by the other side, not where that side table is.

@philbob: Why thanks! I see this sort of design language for more austere ships designed without diplomacy in mind in a post-Wolf 359 Starfleet. In a way it's reminiscent of the earlier paneling we saw on the TMP era, so it kinda fits in as an evolution of the more battle-ready fleet of that era. Then again, due to the realities of TV productions, we saw this same language on ships of the line and even on Earth during DS9's run. :lol:

@Jedman67: There were two missing chairs opposite the Captain's on the desk, mirroring the similar arrangement on most Trek ready rooms; I just hadn't put them in place yet.

I ended up replacing the Voyager-style side table with a simpler design from Nemesis, which is also smaller so it doesn't get in the way so much. I complemented it by adding a matching, longer side table on the empty wall next to the sofa.

For decoration, I decided to swap the Akira-class model for an HMS Thunder Child model. Given that it is not a real ship, I went with an era appropriate pre-Dreadnought model from CG Trader, probably more impressive than what the torpedo ram was meant to be in the book. I didn't want a super detailed mesh as that would've been distracting, so it's relatively low-poly. I modeled the wooden base to be of a similar style as the one on the USS Saratoga model in Sisko's office.

I then continued the naval motif with an old-fashioned globe. Plus I also added the wall sculpture I originally did for the USS Appalachia briefing room to the wall behind the Captain, rotated 90 degrees.

Just to make sure I had the measurements correct for the room to be traversable, I placed a couple chairs from the Appalachia mess hall on the desk opposite the Captain's. I found they fit in quite nicely, so I might keep them rather than doing the cheap plastic chairs from DS9.

I have yet to add more props all over, as well as finishing the sofa and screen, among smaller details; but I think it's mostly there now.