Spoilers 1x13 "Past is Prologue" Episode Clip

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by Krandor, Jan 26, 2018.

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    Like fat AND gay shame. :lol:
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    Mar 21, 2017
    I feel like I am missing something in this exchange? Is this about the issue of Tilly and her body type? Her weight is at best symbolism. Showing that your average everyday looking person still exists in the future. Somewhere their is a good symbolism joke about Shatner and girdles rolling around in the naughty thoughts of our minds.

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    Really. Fuckety. I hope this is a misdirect. The show will be dull as dishwater with him gone.
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    A new news article has been published at TrekToday:

    In a new minute-and-a-half clip from this Sunday’s What’s Past is Prologue episode, Gabriel Lorca reveals his true self and his motives...

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    I'm not surprised in the least. The last episode and the coming one seems to reveal exactly what a creep the man is. My asshole radar has been bleeping like crazy all though the season, and the not so subtle hints about who he really is has been there since he showed up in episode 2.
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    Of course he had to be working with Stamets all along. How else could he have known about the Prime universe? Everyone saw what Georgiou did, without hesitation, to keep it secret.

    As for Lorca being a "one-note villain"? I'm not really qualified to opine on that. But damn was his delivery in this clip perfect or what? Why the hell couldn't they have found talent like that for the main character?
  7. Jayson1

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I do agree that he makes for a good one-note baddie but I was kind of hoping for more because I like many wanted him to stay on the show. Not sure if I ever wanted him as the lead. I am found of the idea of telling the story from the perspective of someone who isn't the captain I was really hoping though that the actress would be more compelling instead of just being decent. Especially since I felt Archer was a flop as well. I do like her better than Archer so I will give her credit for that. One other issue though is if she does become Captain the show won't even have it's basic concept of having the show's lead not be a captain. Not sure why they wouldn't want to wait until season 3 like they did with Sisko though he was already in command so it's not exactly the same. Also how in the world are they going to end the Klingon war? The fact that you don't have much time to resolve that only makes for the possibility of a time jump or a jump to another alternate universe or even far off into space a possibility. I wonder if you could have a split narrative in season 2. The Discovery is in the old school prime universe and a new crew, with maybe one character from this season, joining the mirror universe Discovery featuring Captain Killy and a new big name actor character on her crew and we also follow what is going on in this show's version of the prime universe. I am sort of thinking "Farscape" when Crighton got split into two and you followed a different ship for several episodes.

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    That's what i thought as well when I saw this. I was hoping he will turn out to be noble but that was a long shot anyway.

    Mirror Owosekun looks bad ass.
  9. Rhodan

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    Actually, this analogy is apt in a ways writers might not even imagined. Trump is pretty s***** person, but some people opposing him (on international /criminal level I mean, not Democrats) are so much more terrible, I really must choose lesser of two evils and that might be Mirrorca :-).
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    I don't know if that are the right worfs.
    Maybe she allows just for nonhuman Terrans to be served in the imperial Starfleet :devil:
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    The idea of promising to make the country great/glorious again is very common among populist/nationalist leaders. We've seen many such leaders make such promises throughout history. The fact that Lorca promises to make the empire glorious again is merely an appeal to that nationalist fervor, not necessarily a Trump reference. We only think of Trump because he also borrowed that populist/nationalist slogan for his campaign.

    What does disappoint me somewhat is that the show seems to be turning Lorca into your cliche villain.
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    Cardassia will be made whole. All that we have lost will be ours again. And anyone who stands in our way will be destroyed. This I vow with my life's blood: for my son, for all our sons.
  13. Krandor

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    May 12, 2016
    Don’t forget that clip is only what he wanted the emperor and her followers to hear. It could be an act and he is totally different when he turns the comm off.
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  14. CorporalClegg

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    Which is why I think it's all one big red herring.

    If things play out as most people seem to think they will, the writers would be abandoning everything they've built the character up to be, so far. It would go down as one of the biggest writing gaffes in franchise history and probably kill all positivity for the series.
  15. Serveaux

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    Go die on that hill.
    It's a shame that some of the Mirror Universe characters don't have goatees - it's the only thing that prevents them from literal moustache-twirling.
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    A toilet would be nice, gold or otherwise.
  17. eschaton

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    Oct 2, 2017
    Might even top the destruction of Dukat as a character.
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    Jan 17, 2018
    Wha? Dukat was never anything but solid villain. He’s literally Space Hitler
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    This is the only moustache capable of being twirled I remember from ST.

    Mudd 1a.jpg
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    Oct 2, 2017
    The showrunners of DS9 purposefully destroyed the nuance of his character because they hated that fans online identified with him and justified his actions.
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