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    Now that we know what the 2014 schedule looks like, we can start speculating about how we hope the 2015 schedule will turn out. I'm sure it will be alot better than anything we can think up, but for the sake of a fun thread...

    You are the editor of the TrekLit line for publishing year 2015. What do you publish?

    My list:


    • TNG: Post-The-Fall-Duology, Book One

    • TNG: Post-The-Fall-Duology, Book Two
    • Deep Space Nine: The Ascendants Ebook Trilogy Part One

    • Seekers 3

    • Voyager: Full Circle Fleet, Book Seven
    • Deep Space Nine: The Ascendants Ebook Trilogy Book Two

    • New Frontier: The End

    • Enterprise: Rise of the Federation, Book Three
    • Deep Space Nine: The Ascendants Ebook Trilogy Book Three

    • TOS Movie Era

    • Titan
    • Voyager Full Circle Fleet Ebook

    • Aventine/ DS9 Post-The Fall-Crossover

    • DS9 Post-The-Fall
    • Federation Politics Ebook

    • Section 31: Disavowed Sequel

    • Data and Lal, Book Two
    • TOS Ebook
  2. Elias Vaughn

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    Everything would be DS9. Also,
    Data and Lal
    would move to DS9.
  3. Nob Akimoto

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    Would love to see a new monthly ebook series ala SCE. With the greater maturity of ebooks and ereader proliferation in general, it seems like 2015 would be a great time to push in that direction.
  4. DGCatAniSiri

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    Aug 1, 2008
    February: Probably a 'post-Fall clean up' type novel, something that picks up on the tension between the old school Starfleet explorers and the newer, more aggressive combat style and advances this some. This seems like something that could be picked up in the Aventine novel by JJM, so that's the kick off.

    March: I'm thinking here would be a good slot for a movie-era TOS novel, something between TMP/WoK.

    April: DS9 - The Ascendants Anthology. Honestly, I'd prefer this as multiple books, but that seems to be unlikely given the one book per month rule, so I'm cheating and saying that multiple authors can get a crack at telling parts of this story. I would have preferred this to have been the 20th anniversary special last year, but that didn't happen, so better late than never.

    May: TNG novel, set at some point between 'Indistinguishable From Magic' and 'Cold Equations' or thereabouts. I NEED a better picture of the new Enterprise crew, and I'd like to get to know them with a guarantee that they aren't going to get killed off in the course of the novel, so putting up the goalposts locks in a certain cast that cannot be killed.

    June: A new Voyager novel, since we already know that Kristen Beyer is contracted for it, and I enjoy the ongoing storyline.

    July: For some timeline variation, let's put the third Seekers novel here.

    August: Since we've now established that the novels aren't locked into the ongoing narrative of the 24th century and can jump around, I'd love to get another Klingon Empire story from KRAD, mostly because for the dead-tree readers, there has not been much examination of the Kinshaya, so it'd be nice to see the oft-mentioned conflict between them, where Klag got promoted to General (I've been peddling this idea for a few years now, but with his upcoming Klingon book, even if it's reference and not fiction, it seems like the time, right?).

    September: This seems like a good time for the third Rise of the Federation novel.

    October: Since the 23rd century hasn't gotten much love in my list, I'd be willing to go for a post-TFF era novel around here. (Didn't I read that Greg Cox is writing one? Here we go.)

    November: DS9 novel, picking up on the threads from Revelation and Dust. With the Ascendants storyline finally dealt with, we can get back to their ongoing story where we left off.

    December: Kind of a selfish Christmas gift, but I'd love for a novel set during the series run of TNG, DS9, or Voyager. As much as I love the ongoing narratives, I also miss reading something new with the characters as they were when the series were new. We keep seeing in-series TOS novels, maybe this can show that there's enough interest in in-series novels of the others. Part of me is thinking a Dominion War era novel, but I'd also like to see the Enterprise-D in action again. So I don't know which series I'd pick.

    January: A new Titan novel, and, personally, I'd like to let James Swallow get another crack at the crew, let him play with some of the characters who didn't appear much or at all in The Poisoned Chalice.
  5. CaffeineAddict

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    I'm not one for reading Voyager or TOS/TMP books, but I think that would make a good schedule. Particularly having a NF book.
  6. USS Firefly

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    Jan 7, 2013
    Good choices except no Ebook for DS9, just paper.
  7. Masiral

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    Aug 30, 2013
    I'm here. Where are you?
    Especially for the Ascendants story.
  8. JD

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    Jul 22, 2004
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    My schedule:
    January: Post-The Fall DS9 by David R. George III
    I haven't read The Fall books yet, but I've been following the discussion and apparently DRGIII left quite a few balls up in the air that never really landed solidly.
    Febuary: Post-The Fall Titan by anyone but Michael A Martin
    No reason other than that I'm a Titan fan
    TNG TV series era e-book by anyone:
    I'm an E-book reader, and IMO they would be a perfect way to give us smaller more episodic stories set during the series.
    March: NYTBAKMFB Voyager book
    Because these books have been great, and I'm pretty sure we already heard she's working on one for next year.
    April: Greg Cox's movie era TOS novel
    Didn't we already hear this was on the way?
    DS9 TV series era e-book by anyone
    See TNG entry
    May: Something by a new author
    As great as the main group of authors we've built up are, it's always nice to add a new voice to the mix IMO
    June: Post-The Fall TNG novel by David A McIntee
    I really enjoyed Indistinguishable from Magic, and would love to see David McIntee write more Geordi centric TNG following up on IfM
    July: Myriad Universes vol. 4
    Love this series, and would bring it back in a heartbeat if I could
    Voy TV series era e-book by anyone
    August: Data novel (if he doesn't return to Starfleet by the end of Light Fantastic) by Jeffrey Lang
    If he doesn't return to TNG, then I would love a spin-off series focused on Data, and if TLF is as good as Immortal Coil then Jeffrey Lang should just keep going with Data
    September: A themed antholgy
    I really enjoyed the themed anthologies we used to get, and would love to see a return of those types of books
    Rise of the Federation book 3
    I think we already heard this is happening, didn't we?
    October: Something new by KRAD
    I miss KRAD writing Trek
    VOY TV series e-book by anybody
    November: The Seekers 3 by David Mack
    Since this will mostly likely go beyond just 2 books
    December: The Seekers 4 by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
    Since we got one we might as well get a second for the other ship/crew.
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  9. nickyboy

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    12 x DS9
  10. JD

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    Jul 22, 2004
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    I just realized I forgot about JJM's Aventine novel. So I would switch out the new author book for that.
  11. Thrawn

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    - The next two Voyager novels, concluding this trilogy and then another book after that too. Really just as fast as she can write them, keep 'em coming.

    - A bigass DS9 duo or trilogy, featuring a present-day storyline that picks up from Revelations & Dust and flashbacks to the Ascendants resolution as well, masterfully orchestrated by DRG3.

    - The end of New Frontier.

    - The other 6 or 7 can be split between TNG, Seekers, Enterprise, Titan, TOS (and apparently Aventine) in whatever way seems fair, just as long as Michael A. Martin is banished forever. I'm less personally invested in these, and I'd just like a variety.

    - An multi-part eBook mini-event featuring a story from within the TNG show, preferably early on. I've always thought (and The Buried Age proved to me) that writing TNG's first season characters from the perspective of now could be enlightening and pretty entertaining too.
  12. Avro Arrow

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Although the resulting ragestorm on this board would at least be entertaining! ;)

    (To be fair, though, I do agree. After all this time, if the Ascendents conclusion does get written/released, it should not be an eBook exclusive. OTOH, I am intrigued by the thought of regular-novel-length eBook exclusives as "extra" novels in the schedule....)
  13. j3067

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    Mar 22, 2011
    Prepping for the next Great Tribble Hunt
    Rise of The Federation: CLB

    TNG/Post Fall: KRAD

    VOY: Beyer
    Titan eBook: Andy Mangels (solo)

    The Seekers: Mack

    Voyager: Beyer
    TOS Movie Era eBook: McGintee

    DS9 Duology 1: Una McCormack

    DS9 Duology 2: Una McCormack
    Data Ebook: Jeffery Lang

    TOS: Ward

    Aventine Stand Alone: New Author
    Demeter/O'Donnell eBook: Beyer

    24th Century Crossover Trilogy: Mack
    December: Rise of the Federation eBook: CLB
  14. Masiral

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    Aug 30, 2013
    I'm here. Where are you?
    Yeah, novel-length eBook exclusives are good, or at the very least, regular novella-length eBooks. Just more Star Trek in general, really.
  15. Sci

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    All I can contribute to this discussion is that I'd love to see another Articles of the Federation-style story -- novel or e-book -- about the Federation government under
    President zh'Tarash. I think she's a really interesting character and I'd like to see her fleshed out some more, and it'd be fun to see more about what's going on in the Federation Council post-Bacco and post-Ishan.
  16. Deranged Nasat

    Deranged Nasat Vice Admiral Admiral

    ^ Indeed. I know the writers have apparently committed to taking us out of the political briar patch at last, back to the strange new worlds, but I would like The Fall's... well, fallout, to be followed up on if at all possible. I'd like to see
    which Federation Councillors were counted among the "hawks", which supported Ishan and which were hoping to see him fail, who was counted among Andor's friends on the Council and who wasn't. With the external politics settling over, maybe we can explore the lower-key but equally important world of Federation internal politics?

    For example, there was a wonderful scene in The Poisoned Chalice where Velk calls ch'Nuillan's bluff (essentially), and ch'Nuillan says to him "you people never understood us, not from the beginning". Although Velk doesn't represent the Tellarites, that's clearly ch'Nuillan's meaning - "Tellarites think we just bluster and posture the way they do, but we don't. Andorians really are that nuts". (;)) It immediately made me wonder where Councillor Gleer stood on the Andorian issue...

    As for the book schedule: Get us the final SCE omnibus, please! We're still waiting for it.

    A SCE novel would be nice, actually; maybe featuring Biron, who never got his hoped-for "next encounter" with the da Vinci... that we know of.
  17. Stevil2001

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    Dec 7, 2001
    I had a dream last night where a final Corps of Engineers omnibus came out, but it was shaped like a Panini Books graphic novel, and I was glad that it existed, but mad that it didn't line up with the others on my shelf.

    Also it included the Slings and Arrows stories.
  18. Deranged Nasat

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    The Powers That Be are generous, yet they like to remind us who's boss. Their gifts have thorns.
  19. Corran Horn

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    Jun 4, 2001
    DS9 Ascendants - I miss Vaughn
    Seekers - I wouldn't change anything besides making it one a month. :D
    I'd get KRAD involved somehow.
    Harriman Lost Era book is happening already.
    I'd love an Excelsior series.
  20. King Daniel Beyond

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    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    A big trilogy telling a novelverse version of the ST'09 Spock/Supernova/Romulus destruction story and it's fallout.

    A ton of nuTrek novels.

    A grand finale to New Frontier.

    A man can dream...