Your life...before Star Trek....

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    I was raised in a family that banned all TV on religious grounds, so I saw virtually no motion pictures until I was 18, which was four years ago. The first science fiction that I saw was Star Wars, which I strongly enjoyed. For about a year I considered myself to be a bit of a Star Wars fan, until I found Star Trek. My discovery of Star Trek quickly overwrote most of my zeal for Star Wars.

    The philosophy of Star Trek influenced me significantly. Even today, Star Trek is still one of the major things that I like to cite in terms of my political ideal. For some, ST is just Sci-Fi. For others, it is more of an experience, an allegory of what we hope to strive for. It probably wouldn't be entirely false to say that in some fashion, Star Trek did change my life, or view of the world.
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    What do they contain now?

    Or, do I want to know??

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    Not-so-gourmet pasta made by a big pasta machine.