Your latest purchases, cont.

Got a great deal on an Omega Seamaster.

Cool. Which one?

I keep idly thinking about trading in my quartz Seamaster for its automatic counterpart (or an Aqua Terra) at some point. Then I remember I don't use it frequently enough to put up with needing to wind it every time I want to wear it. But the thought keeps itching away in my unconscious mind anyway... :)

It's this model:

I did look at some TAG Heuer watches as well but as soon as I put this one on I knew it was for me.
Some tea (terribly English no?) with a girlfriend of mine. I think a cake was also involved. But i didnt eat it....well...not all of it.
Took the twins out shopping--got the blonde new sweats she could also wear as PJs, and also a pink top. The brunette got three t-shirts. Then we went to lunch at All Star Burger, and then ANOTHER trip to the grocery store for apple juice.

Then I hit Coldwater Creek and picked myself up a teal T-shirt. Because, you know, I just don't have enough of those already. ;)

So, I drive all the way back, only to get sent out again to pick up dinner for everyone at Two Saints cafe. Phew.

'Course, it was like two weeks ago, but I haven't bought anything since then, and aren't they cute?????:D:D:D:D
Nice gams. The shoes are nice too.
Stomach medication and some Rolaids. This horrendous heat and humidity has been doing numbers to my system.