Your latest purchases, cont.


'Course, it was like two weeks ago, but I haven't bought anything since then, and aren't they cute?????:D:D:D:D
Milk, Peanut Butter, and chicken wings.

Also stopped by my comic shop and picked up the first two issues of IDW's new Popeye series after being very impressed reading the first one online.

Lunch and a few weekend groceries. Although, with the temps outside bordering on 100 again(if not higher)I'm questioning going out to get anything in the first place.
Deep red begonia hanging baskets and a few other odds and ends from the greenhouses. EEEEEEEE GARDENING FUN
Got a great deal on an Omega Seamaster.

Cool. Which one?

I keep idly thinking about trading in my quartz Seamaster for its automatic counterpart (or an Aqua Terra) at some point. Then I remember I don't use it frequently enough to put up with needing to wind it every time I want to wear it. But the thought keeps itching away in my unconscious mind anyway... :)
I've had my Seamaster for about four years and I still absolutely love it. I also wear it every single day. ;)