Year 5. Issue 16. Who are the 5 founders of the Federation.

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    Year Five #18 has just come out and the hexagon-headed people are identified as Proxima Centaurians. They are descended from human colonists who were mutated by the unique atmosphere of Proxima Centauri. Why Zefram Cochrane who founded the colony wasn't mutated is not addressed. Why the Proxima Centaurians have alien-sounding names is not addressed either.
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    over the Cusp
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    Mar 22, 2020
    You guys have any theories as to what’s going on in this book? I’m still waiting to find out it’s Mirror Gary Seven.
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    I think it’s prime Gary but coming to terms with the fact he knows nothing about his employers and their goals don’t line up with what he thought they were.
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    Maybe he was, perhaps mildly, or maybe it only affected the next generation born.
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    I'll hopefully finally have this issue by tomorrow...