Working on a Screenplay based on Aboriginal Mythology

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    Jul 29, 2012
    Over the last 5 years, I've been working on a screenplay for a fantasy film with the title of Alistar (name susceptible to change) and as I am now in my last year in my Film and TV course, I was planning on using it as part of my portfolio and hopefully, eventually see it as the film that I have always dreamed it to be.

    Alistar started out as a story about a Minotaur who struggles to exist in the ever changing world but later became an epic about a woman who becomes a warrior during the height of the Holy Roman Empire. Both ideas just didn't work out with one of the problems being that they were very much like what had come before. I then wrote down a list of tropes to avoid which I realized I kept falling back on such as:

    • Elves, dwarves & hobbits
    • Trolls, orcs, goblins etc.
    • Vampires and Werewolves
    • Greek/Roman mythology
    • English accents
    • Europe
    • Objective good & evil

    With those restrictions, I started working on a new setting and I went looking for areas that had not been heavily covered in film and I noticed a lack of fantasy films set or based on Aboriginal mythology.

    I have finished the research, tagline and a 10 page treatment for it and I'm now using it as part of my portfolio for University and hopefully I'll see it on the big screen (hopefully not cringing at what the studio had turned it in to). I'm working on some marketing research for it to see what people's knowledge on the subject matter is and to see what type of people would be interested in it and I would like to see your thoughts.

    (Alistar) A Fantasy Film About Aboriginal Mythology Market Research