Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by ElimGarak, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Those are good points. DS9's entire final arc could be considered the finale. After all, Rom and Leeta's arc is done prior to WYLB. It's a shame we don't see them in the finale. After all, a big finale like that should feature everyone it can in some way, shape or form--or at least it would be nice if it did. I don't think we saw Keiko or the O'Brien kids either, except in the flashbacks. So changed I'd have made would have been to include every character possible, even as a 2-second walk-by. Hell, I'd even have gone out of my way to show the guy who runs the Klingon restaurant. But that's just me.
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    Putting the sisko . prophets malarkey aside, the remained was brilliant.

    all loose ends tied up..........
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    I was very satisfied with how everything was tied up. There was a lot of story to cover and they covered it very well, with some memorable script lines. I was happier when the story continued seamlessly with the books.
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    The only beef I had with the episode was the omission of Jadzia from the memories montage at the end. She was Sisko's best friend, Worf's wife, and an integral part of the show for six years, and yet appears not once during the recap. I understand that there were real-world reasons for her not appearing, but you'd think Paramount could cough up whatever Terry Farrell's royalty would have been. How much could it have possibly been for a few clips?
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    From what's been said they didn't ask when they used her voice earlier in the season so the answer was flat out no for the finale no matter what the price was. It was on principle alone
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    Agreed. I loved everything but that. I didn't like the whole Season 7 "Sisko's Mom is a Prophet" thing at all anyway so him disappearing into the fire pits was just the nail in that coffin. And why have Kassidy be pregnant if he just going to disappear? That was just an unneccesary plot point. Leaving Jake was drama anough without leaving the unborn kid too.

    Budget was a huge issue. It's why they reused battle scenes (which, frankly, I never noticed) but more notably why Jadzia is absent from the montage. To me, not getting Farrell on board with that would have been enough to scrap the whole montage thing altogether, but I'm a purist that way.

    You're right, it had to do with the use of her voice in Penumbra without her permission. Though, everyone has a price, especially a moderately talented B-lister like Farrell.
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    Wached series when I was younger but don't remember much rewatched on netflix and I like it but not my favorite series last episode Ben should have visited jake as prophet and should have shown wormhole open and close one last time at least when kira and odo went through or like someone said on here when dominion return to gamma quadrant would have been perfect since that's what the whole show was based around the wormhole appearing
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    This is a zombie topic, can we close it?
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    Yikes, haven't seen a run-on sentence like that since Trump's campaign. Yes, I think closing is a very good idea... necro-thread!
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    People can be upset if they wish about Voyager's ending and I understand a few of their reasons why but in the end Voyager's endgame was telegraphed from Caretaker.

    As for DS9 I didn't like it that the war ended halfway through the episode it seemed anti-climactic and rather dull. The Dukat stuff wasn't so bad I mean Sisko got to play being Jesus finally.

    The montage seemed heartfelt but almost nearly farcical for Worf especially(also Kira and Julian) because Terry Farrell's agent wouldn't let them use stock footage of her throughout the series. I mean come one-Worf was married to her, Kira and her were girl buddies and Julian had a love/be a close friend with her-heck they could have shown the quickening and wishes without horses to illustrate their relationship. Without that it seemed so hollow.

    Out of all Trek endings TNG's was the most complex, Enterprise should have ended with Terra Nova, TOS never had a finale, and Voyager's could have been better(I say this as a Voyager fan), and as for DS9 it was good but it could have been a lot better than the final product.
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    I wouldn't say that the entire DS9 finale was awful. I thought the first half of the finale, which featured the end of the Dominion War, was great. As for the second half, I thought it was a bore and anti-climatic.

    The "finale" for TNG seemed more like a two-part character study of Picard. And personally, I thought it was one episode too long.
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    Yeah, I seem to remember a report about DS9's finale being "awful" on CNN. #FakeNews
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    The end of the war was fantastic. The end to the Prophet arc wasn't the best but it wasn't in any way 'Awful'.

    Nobody ever really said the finale was awful. Just, there was a conspiracy theory on a news opinion program saying it was awful, the president then tweeted how terrible it was that it was awful, and then CNN ran a story about the president's unsubstantiated claim it was awful, thus giving the claim unwarranted substance.
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    Dukat chose evil? I'm sorry, but he was always evil-he's a willful (and willing) dyed-in-the-wool servant of a fascist regime, his being a Pah-Wraith was just the logical icing on the cake/culmination of what he started out as years ago.
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    He was less evil for a while :mallory: when he and Sisko were working against Tom Riker, when he and Kira were working together on the captured Klingon ship and rescuing Ziyal and the other prisoners from the Breen.

    Hm? This thread got its title somehow...
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    Agreed, not seeing Jadzia made the recap fall a bit flat for me too.

    I respect her principles, I truly do. It's just a shame there was such a big disagreement between her and the PTB. Including Jadzia in the final recap would have made it a bit more complete for me.
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    WYLB was fantastic. I will say that supervillain Dukat is certainly no Gary Mitchell! What can you do, though...
    How is this thread still breathing?
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    Haha my fault I finished watching series all the way through recently. I did watch some when I was younger but never all of them so watched it on Netflix and just was wondering what people were thinking about the finale. I just wish they would have closed with wormhole opening and closing one last time perfect ending in my opinion. Close up on wormhole as it closes screen goes black over.
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    I thought that, overall it was a satisfactory conclusion. I thought that the showdown between Dukat and Sisko seemed rushed/forced/hammy, but other than that, the only other missed opportunity IMHO was Bajor not being officially admitted to the Federation, which was one of the major things that Sisko, et al have been striving towards for the entire series. I think that the series would have been helped with maybe one more episode to fully decompress from the end of the Dominion War and tie up that one significant loose end (I'm sure it happened at some point off-screen but it would have been nice to see such a momentous occasion- or even mentioned in Nemesis- on screen after it was delayed in S5).
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    To me, the only real fault was using stock footage for the battles. That's it. This is one of the few episodes where a clip show montage actually (mostly )worked -- it was only the length of a song, and it aimed for the warm fuzzies. Obviously we needed more Jadzia.

    As far as structure is concerned, the war had to end some time, but I'm glad that it ended where it could, so that the show could have breathing room for what's essentially an hour-long epilogue. But more importantly, Sisko -- who sure as hell isn't the suicidal or much of an idealist -- saw his arc come around full circle, from skeptic of religion, to diving in head first against his adopted planet's greatest evil.

    Sure, some of the episode is cheesy, schmaltzy (I like Vic Fontaine singing, but it's clear the writers chose that one song for the line about the wrinkles on Kira's Bajoran nose), but overall, I rank it just behind All Good Things as far as finales go.