Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by ElimGarak, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Those are good points. DS9's entire final arc could be considered the finale. After all, Rom and Leeta's arc is done prior to WYLB. It's a shame we don't see them in the finale. After all, a big finale like that should feature everyone it can in some way, shape or form--or at least it would be nice if it did. I don't think we saw Keiko or the O'Brien kids either, except in the flashbacks. So changed I'd have made would have been to include every character possible, even as a 2-second walk-by. Hell, I'd even have gone out of my way to show the guy who runs the Klingon restaurant. But that's just me.
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    Putting the sisko . prophets malarkey aside, the remained was brilliant.

    all loose ends tied up..........
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    I was very satisfied with how everything was tied up. There was a lot of story to cover and they covered it very well, with some memorable script lines. I was happier when the story continued seamlessly with the books.
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    The only beef I had with the episode was the omission of Jadzia from the memories montage at the end. She was Sisko's best friend, Worf's wife, and an integral part of the show for six years, and yet appears not once during the recap. I understand that there were real-world reasons for her not appearing, but you'd think Paramount could cough up whatever Terry Farrell's royalty would have been. How much could it have possibly been for a few clips?
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    From what's been said they didn't ask when they used her voice earlier in the season so the answer was flat out no for the finale no matter what the price was. It was on principle alone
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    Agreed. I loved everything but that. I didn't like the whole Season 7 "Sisko's Mom is a Prophet" thing at all anyway so him disappearing into the fire pits was just the nail in that coffin. And why have Kassidy be pregnant if he just going to disappear? That was just an unneccesary plot point. Leaving Jake was drama anough without leaving the unborn kid too.

    Budget was a huge issue. It's why they reused battle scenes (which, frankly, I never noticed) but more notably why Jadzia is absent from the montage. To me, not getting Farrell on board with that would have been enough to scrap the whole montage thing altogether, but I'm a purist that way.

    You're right, it had to do with the use of her voice in Penumbra without her permission. Though, everyone has a price, especially a moderately talented B-lister like Farrell.