Why did Kessick give Archer the coordinates to the blown up planet? (Ep "Xindi")

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    The deal between Archer and Kessick:

    Kessick kept referring to his homeworld in the present tense using the word "is" instead of "was". Then sends them to an area where a world used to be. Archer specified that he had important business with the xindi as to the reason for wanting the coordinates. Sending them to a blown up planet did not help them contact the xindi. Anyway I'm trying to figure out what the point was of Kessick giving Archer the coordinates of where his former homeworld used to be. Any idea?
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    Did Kessick know that the planet was blown up? Its possible he didn’t know. Maybe he wasn’t from that planet originally. I’m sure the Xindi had colony planets.
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    Because it's still home to him, dammit!

    And he has a lot of Xindi-Primate guilt for what happened to the Avians and the planet (even though it was mostly the Reptillians)
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    I find it unlikely that Kessick would have wanted to help Archer. Nothing the two shared should have brought about a change of heart, and we have some reason to think Kessick's heart would be set against Archer and his sort.

    The idea that humans would be a threat to Xindidom may not have been a state secret or anything. Who knows, perhaps Kessick blamed humans for the loss of their former homeworld, too? It may even have been the current party li(n)e, with only the top brass acknowledging in private that they did it all by themselves. Directing Archer to the crime site might be Kessick's way of spiting him.

    Or then he just farted at Archer's general direction, giving him useless information that didn't require a lot of effort in order to be made to sound convincing. A long-dead phone number to an old dwelling, a license plate to one's first car, the name of that ugly creep from high school... The coordinates to a landmark that means nothing nowadays.

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    Yea that planet blew up 120 years earlier
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    My first impression of the episode when I first saw it left me thinking that Kessick wasn't aware that the planet blew up either. Then I figured something temporal was going on that they would work into the story arc later.