Which serise was Worf the best in?

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    I'm honoured.


    Ah, yes. I have it somewhere but I haven't read it in years. :)
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    I think that they purposely downplayed Worf in season 4 becaause they didn't want DS9 to suddenly become the Worf show. On Voyager when they added Seven of Nine she dominated the show and I think the DS9 crew didn't want that happening on DS9.
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    Also, keep in mind, Worf was an established character already. Seven still had to be fleshed out (no pun intended). Sure, not all Niners might have seen TNG, but most would have, and most would have been annoyed to death if they decided to make it the Worf-show for a character most people already now.
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    Wouldn't Micheal Dorn have joined DS9 at least a year before Jeri Ryan joined Voyager? DS9 premiered in January 1993 and Voyager premiered in January of 1995. Both characters joined their respective series during their fourth season. :techman:
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    Yeah, you kind of took my response. That couldn't have been their thinking because Dorn joined DS9 in the Fall of '95, whereas Jeri Ryan joined Voyager in the Fall of '97.

    But they might just have decided on their own as a policy not to let Worf dominate the show. He was much better integrated than Seven of Nine was.
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    Eh, for some reason I thought it was around the same time. I guess over time memories start overlapping each other and you forget the order of events. Anyway the point is I don't think that they wanted to show to suddenly become the Worf show. Plus this was a change mandated by Paramount so it may have been a bit of a protest move by not using Worf a lot that year. But once they began using him they realized how well he fit in so they used him more.