Which is the best series?

Discussion in 'Stargate' started by Deckerd, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Serial thread killer

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    Apr 20, 2003
    Have to say SG1.
    Loved SGA first season but then they just went down hill their where still some good eps after season one like trinity, Sateda the last man and the shrine but then they give you eps like Irresponsible.:rolleyes:
  2. Jono

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    Dec 22, 2001
    Not only that but it answered the age old question, do transplanted humans women living on an alien world shave?

    SG-1 is by far my favourite. The only thing I don't have of it is the Children of the Gods recut mainly because I don't think I've read a positive thing about it on here to make me want to fork out $30 to get it...plus I didn't think the episode needed to be redone it is (mostly) fine as it is.
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    I think there has been some character development especially with the likes of Rush and Greer. Greer especially has turned into one of my favourite characters. They did overuse the stones especially that lesbian plot:wtf:. The episodes with Scott,Eli,Chloe being trapped went on for 2 episodes which was enough for me there was only so long you could stretch that out.
  4. bullethead

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Rush, Greer, Young, and Eli have gotten the most character development, but only Rush and Eli's is actually well handled. Greer gets a rather cliche abusive father backstory, along with random hallucinations of his father and that crazy guy from the VA hospital, and Young's development has been mostly doing stuff that makes you wonder why O'Neill wanted him to be the guy in charge of the Icarus expedition.

    As for the whole Eli, Scott, and Chloe thing, it really pissed me off because the writers have been going on and on about how this show would be darker and when they have an opportunity to showcase that, they undo it in the next episode, ignoring the show's internal logic to do so. If it had been due to the aliens messing with the gate as part of an invasion of Destiny, I wouldn't have minded, but the way they did it just smacked of creative cowardice.
  5. Temis the Vorta

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    Oct 30, 1999
    The first five or so seasons of SG-1 are the best by far. That's when they were generating a lot of interesting ideas, like the whole Tau'ri/Tok'ra/Jaffa thing (that sounds like gibberish to you now, but you'll see what I mean) that could have put Stargate up there with great space opera series like DS9 and nuBSG, if only they had ever gone anywhere with those ideas.

    But instead, this is what happened over and over: they'd present a good idea that would have required an iota of courage to proceed, because of course any idea worth bothering with is going to offend someone and complicate the neat presentation of Our Heroes as Our Heroes, and then they would back off fast and do nothing with it. Or, maybe the problem wasn't lack of nerve but lack of imagination. Something was definitely wrong.

    After that, stagnation and repetition set in. The current "solution" to the stagnation, the misbegotten and unwatchable SG:U, apes the style of nuBSG without any apparent awareness of its substance. MGM should have booted the hacks running and writing this thing and replaced them a long time ago. Until they do that, there's no hope of improvement.
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    ^Agreed, at least about the first five being the best. Six wasn't the same without you-know-who, Seven had a strong storyline and cool moments but somehow wasn't that memorable, and Eight was intended to be and probably should have been the final season. The season Eight finale was AWESOME and would have made a great ending to the show. Nine and Ten really weren't the same show and all in all couldn't live up to the earlier seasons.
    Having said that, there are awesome episodes in every season, and I somewhat disagree that they abandoned a lot of plotlines, there were some things that could have had more detail but I (personally, just my humble opinion) was usually satisfied with the conclusion to the story arcs.
    SGU is weaker than both the preceding series, definitely, but I do think it's watchable. It's just...hazy, incoherent, and can't decide if it wants to be dark and gritty or not (interspersing despair with jokes about socks, for example), and above all takes itself too seriously. Then again, most shows do. I'm still gonna watch it, but it's definitely not the same.
  7. Chevron Guy

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    SG-1 is by far my favorite series, although SGA had its moments. My feelings for SGU are tepid at best, but I'm willing to check out Season Two before giving up on it.
  8. Lucky

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Stargate Atlantis was my favorite. It was just a lot of fun, and I loved all the characters. The wraith were a good antagonist I thought, and I loved the recurring wraith characters like Michael and especially Todd. Common Ground is my favorite episode from all the Stargate series. I thought SG-1 was good too. The team had a great dynamic, and I even enjoyed the last two years with Ben and Claudia. The Ori were a good enemy. I like SG-U, but it is a little too early for me to rank it, but I doubt I will ever rank it above Atlantis of SG-1. I respect what it is trying to do, and it is off to a good start, and is certainly a different take on the franchise (which can be beneficial to many franchises like DS9 was to Trek), but I have more affection for the characters in the other series than I do for the ones in SG-U, and that is a deciding factor for me.
  9. Subcommander R.

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Lets see, definitely SG-1. It got too repetitive as time went by (though Vala helped make up for that), and they had a great reliance on the Russians as red shirts.

    SGA had a few especially good episodes, but it was even more repetitive. And the SGU isn't really Stargate. Its like "Lost" in space.