When DS9 first aired...

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    hey fellow niners

    * bbc 2 6PM Thursdays

    had no breaks like they do now on virgin 1.
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    Close. It was on Saturdays at 6PM. TNG got the better timeslot at 7PM.
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    Yeah this. For a period there was a glorious time of Trek being everywhere across BBC2 - TNG 6PM Wed, DS9 6PM Thur, TOS 6PM Fri and VOY 645PM Sun. It was brilliant getting into it all for the first time. :D

    Of course, typical BBC postponements included Cricket, Tennis, Snooker, Darts, Bowls, Crufts, flower shows, Tiddlywinks, Backgammon and Croquet. God knows how far behind the USA we were when I was watching it. I'm sure by the time season 4 rolled around with Sisko's 'new' look that we were a year and a half behind.

    By the time season 6 of DS9 was around I was tired of waiting for BBC catchup, so usually rented VHS (!) with a friend when they were released, or occasionally managed to catch another friend's Sky One showing.
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    Going by shaky memory...

    What channel & tv market? New York, WPIX

    What network were they affiliated with/came to be affiliated with? They were a local channel until 1995, when they "became" the WB.

    What day/time did it air? It began on Sundays at 7pm. I think it moved to Mondays later. Finally it went to Wednesdays, which became a problem...

    Were there any sports pre-emptions? Not many, and episodes were rerun the following weekend, a day or so before the next new one.

    Anything else interesting about it? I had an exercise bike back then and I pedaled from opening to final credits every week. I got nice and thin. Then I got bored and got fat again.

    In that same market, was Voyager on its standard UPN network time or was it bumped to another timeslot because UPN had only a secondary affiliation in that market? DS9 was moved to air exactly opposite Voyager, which totally pissed me off. Not because I loved Voyager (I didn't get past the first few episodes of the second year), but because Paramount was shooting itself in the foot. Why put two of your own shows, from the same franchise, in head to head competition? Who really wins? And even if it's the syndication station's fault (and it was), Paramount should have made it a rule to not allow this.

    Was TNG syndicated on the same channel or a different one? The same, Until the UPN was created, all Star Trek shows ran on WPIX.

    Again, I may be off on some of these, so any other NY person who remembers (in the city area), feel free to correct.
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    Yeah, it was utterly dumb to put them in competition, but that was obviously the channel and their idiotic scheduling manager. Companies that produce/distribute syndicated shows have no say when their shows air. Thus, you can get ideal timeslots for syndicated shows (sometime Sat or Sun usually) or abolutely terrible timeslots (weeknights in primetime) or even WTF are they thinking timeslots (up against TNG, VOY). Hmm, I wonder if DS9 and Babylon 5 were ever put head to head somewhere? I realized WGN's programming logic that despite the pre-emptions, other weekend timeslots were not as desirable. What you wished was the case may only happen with bundled shows (were Hercules & Xena ever put head to head, heck were they ever sold apart?), but TNG & DS9 weren't bundled (as was the case in my market in the '90s) and DS9 & VOY weren't even in the same category (synd vs. network).

    I should note WGN in fall of '95 experimented with putting Hercules & Xena on Friday nights in primetime (7 & 8PM hours), but... didn't work out so well because X-Files was on at 8 that season and it was getting red-hot, so demolished the competition. Midseason, they moved the shows to Saturday afternoons to serve as lead-ins to DS9, where they remained for the rest of DS9's run. I'm guessing Saturday worked out well for them because their syndicated shows stayed there until the syndicated market dried up in the past decade.

    With shows that rely on syndicated first-run shows (mainly independent stations and weaker network affiliates, like WB, UPN or only-meets-the-barest-technical-definition-of-a-network PTEN), one would think to rely on times when network programming is weak, like Saturday primetime, weekend afternoons, weekend late evenings (perhaps up against the news, not sure how Sat/Sun evening news are rated vs. weeknights), and perhaps if one night of the week has a weak batch of network shows, that night in primetime. But, with network affiliation, network programming gets the priority (though sports gets priority over network shows as some disgruntled Smallville fans can tell you), and Fox gobbled up a lot of independent stations, then WB & UPN came along in 1995 and by the late '90s, had programming for M-F (and Sunday for WB), leaving few options for syndicated shows. When I travelled, many in the late '90s were relegated to 10PM-2AM local time on Sat or Sun night. I can imagine how bad their ratings were. Going from 3 networks to 6 and no new stations appearing meant the open space for syndicated shows dramatically declined. Looking at the 95-96 tv schedule, WB did not have Monday programming then. It was stupid to put it vs. Voyager and not Nowhere Man, but I suspect Monday Night Football on the same time as Nowhere Man is what drove them to Voyager's time, or the programmer was a complete idiot and didn't even look at the competition, just putting DS9 in the first available space (or they were spiteful and hated Star Trek fans, but if someone was so emotional, they shouldn't have been making programming decisions because it was bad business for WPIX to undercut a syndicated show they went and bought).

    I think that's why TNG in the Chicago market moved from its traditional Saturday at 7PM timeslot to a Sunday at 10PM timeslot for its final season, to avoid direct competition with DS9 (seems that channel got the idea WGN would be airing DS9 in the weekend around 6 or 7PM). That and it was a nice lead-in to TOS reruns the next hour.
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    PTEN didn't meet any definition of a network, because it wasn't one. It was just a package of syndicated Warner Brothers shows that affiliates were encouraged to air together, but the individual affiliates still had complete say over whe they aired and very often they did not air them together. The only similar thing I can think of is in the early 90s when Disney put out a package of syndicated weekday cartoons called The Disney Aftertoon. The Disney afternoon was a block of four Disney cartoons that were supposed to air back to back, but it was still up to the affiliates when they aired and if, in fact, they aired back to back.
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    Hope this answers all your questions. WSJV-28 (ABC) used to show TOS reruns during the 70s. Usually Sat. 7pm. They also ran TNG in first-run syndication at Sat 7pm. Any sports runovers usually pushed it to be repeated in its entirety at Sun 2am. When DS9 first came on WSJV-28 ran it on Sat at 11:30pm. When TNG finished its first-run syndication, it jumped over to WNDU-16 (NBC) and ran weekdays at 4pm. DS9 made the jump on WSJV-28 into TNG's old spot at Sat 7pm (inheriting those same sports overruns).

    When VOY first came on, it was on WNDU-16 at 11:30 either sat or Sun night. We had no UPN affiliate at the time. The 2nd year of VOY was on a new station WBND-58 (ABC). WSJV-28 had changed from ABC to Fox. WBND-58 was the new ABC affiliate and carried UPN programming during the weekends when it didn't conflict with ABC programming. So VOY jumped ship from 16 to 58. Too bad 58 was a low-powered station which didn't reached more than 20 miles at the time. Thank God for WPWR-50 out of Chicago during those good ol' analog days!! WBND-58 eventually became WBND-57. Same station and network, new channel. VOY finished its run on WBND and was the place for ENT as well.
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    Well, I live in NYC, so it played on Channel 11, WPIX, which was as I recall still an independent local TV station. It played Saturday nights at 7 pm, as I recall, but I may be wrong.
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    I remember those. The best line-up they ever had was the Duck Tales / Rescue Rangers / Tailspin / Darkwing Duck one.:techman:
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    • What channel & tv market?
    WCIX 6 (CBS) and later WFOR 4 (CBS) this was in the Miami market

    • What network were they affiliated with/came to be affiliated with?
    • What day/time did it air? (always local time zone)
    DS9 new shows were on Tuesday while TNG was running with new shows on Monday. After TNG was only on syndicated reruns, DS9 new shows were on Monday. Shows aired at 7pm.

    • Were there any sports pre-emptions?

    • Anything else interesting about it?
    After season 4 got partially completed, the WFOR affiliate dropped DS9 and TNG reruns. The show was picked up by WBFS 33 (UPN).

    • Oh yeah, I'll tack this on. In that same market, was Voyager on its standard UPN network time or was it bumped to another timeslot because UPN had only a secondary affiliation in that market?
    Voyager began on Mondays and later moved to Wednesdays and usually alternated between 8pm and 9pm depending on the time of the year. DS9 aired at 10pm on the same night as Voyager. In the Miami market DS9 was not shown regularly on reruns. In other markets DS9 and VOY received a lot more syndicated airings.
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    Ducktales was the shit. So was Darkwing Duck, sort of a Ducktales spinoff.

    And I remember the Tailspin theme: "Ohhh EEEEEE AAAAAYYYY!!! Talespin! Ohhh EEEEEE ohhhh!!! Talespin!"
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    I lived in Columbus Ohio and in Cleveland Ohio when Deep Space Nine was airing. I can't remember the station in Columbus or Cleveland unfortunately. I remember Star Trek was on channel 43 here in Cleveland for a long while. Not sure if it changed to another station or not though.
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    I know it’s been like 12 years since you posted this. I stumbled on it when I was looking for what stations TNG and DS9 were on back in the day. Figured I’d contribute :)

    In Atlantic Canada I grew up watching TNG, DS9 and Voyager on ATV (Atlantic Television). In 1997 CTV bought ATV and rebranded it to CTV and that’s where DS9, Voyager and Enterprise aired. The CTV stations we got were CJCH-TV and CJCB-TV, now CJCH-DT and CJCB-DT.
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    I'm having a hard trouble remembering but I think it was on WLVI 56 in the Boston market. Current CW, back then an independent syndication station. It was either that or WSBK 38. It was on Saturday at like 6 or something so it didn't get preempted but Voyager got preempted for Bruins hockey constantly.
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    Channel 9, Sydney, 10.30 or 11pm. I can't remember if Nightline with Jim Waley was before or after it.
    What time were shows like TNG, Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, The West Wing or the The Outer Limits on in Sydney? You guessed it. My dad is the best for taping all those shows when I was a kid so I could watch the next day.
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    Previous posters have shared the UK timings but personally growing up my family didn't have Sky however I would collect the Paramount CIC VHS releases which typically were around 5-6 months behind the US and contain 2 episodes per tape.

    I used to help my Great Uncle with his gardening and other household jobs and I'd get paid £5 or so a week which used to mainly go towards DS9 and later Voyager. I used to pre-order them from WH Smith as they used to be £9.99 for the first week after release generally. Still have both complete sets in a cupboard, but no VHS player :) (Since replaced on DVD)
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    Baja?! I haven't got anything in Baja!
    I live in Orange County, CA. I was a kid growing up in the 90s, so I can’t say what the exact time slots were.

    Both TNG and DS9 aired on Los Angeles’ KCOP-TV on Channel 13. That station then became the affiliate for UPN, which meant all four Berman era Trek shows aired on the same station.

    I didn’t watch TNG on first run. However I do remember DS9 on Tuesday evenings, but I’m sure it moved to the weekends after UPN took over. When I first started watching Voyager, it was Wednesdays at 8pm, and Enterprise took over that very same slot except for its final season.

    I’m hoping there’s someone else from the OC/LA area that can shed more light on Trek’s run on KCOP-TV. As far as I recall, it was considered Star Trek’s home station given that it was LA based.
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    For me:

    What channel & tv market?

    KDNL-30, Saint Louis

    What network were they affiliated with/came to be affiliated with?
    FOX (then later ABC)

    What day/time did it air? (always local time zone)
    Initially Saturday nights at 10:00pm, CST then eventually Sunday nights at 10:00 pm CST when VOY briefly took that spot.

    Were there any sports pre-emptions?
    Oh, yes. Definitely during the summer with either college football or college basketball that would run past primetime. Would tune in to DS9 at 10:00 pm to still find a game playing. Sometimes, DS9 got pushed back to 11:00pm or some weird time like 11:36 pm after the game was over.

    Anything else interesting about it?
    KDNL was the only station in Saint Louis that aired TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY (albeit briefly), and ENT. Not all at the same time, but KDNL had a long history of airing Trek as far back as when TOS reruns first went into syndication. That tradition would finally end not long after ENT's final season.

    Oh yeah, I'll tack this on. In that same market, was Voyager on its standard UPN network time or was it bumped to another timeslot because UPN had only a secondary affiliation in that market?
    The latter. UPN didn't really have a stable outlet in Saint Louis., so VOY ended up airing on Saturday nights at 10:00pm during its first three seasons. UPN's arrangement with KDNL dissolved after that for reasons I can't remember anymore, but they kept DS9 on Sunday nights rather than move it back to Saturday nights.

    Was TNG syndicated on the same channel or a different one?
    Both actually. New episodes of TNG aired on a CBS affiliate (KMOV, Channel 4), while reruns from the previous season aired on KDNL-30.
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    What channel & tv market?
    WZDX-54, Huntsville, AL

    What network were they affiliated with/came to be affiliated with?

    What day/time did it air? (always local time zone)
    I think Saturdays at 5 pm; I'm not sure of that, though.

    Were there any sports pre-emptions?
    Again, I don't remember.

    In that same market, was Voyager on its standard UPN network time or was it bumped to another timeslot because UPN had only a secondary affiliation in that market?
    There was a weird situation with VOY. Initially, it aired on the ABC affiliate (WAAY-31) in place of the controversial drama NYPD Blue. (Tuesday at 9 pm). After several years of that arrangement, it finally moved to the UPN station, WHDF-15. I don't remember when it aired, though. WZDX tried to get permission to show VOY, but Paramount refused.

    Was TNG syndicated on the same channel or a different one?
    It also was on WZDX.
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    I loved seeing DS9 videos in the video charts. I think it was usually ahead of Voyager.