What Would you Change About Series StoryLine?

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  1. Boris Skrbic

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    Dec 14, 2010
    I’d delete all seasons except Season 3.
  2. Mr. Laser Beam

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    I heard that the original plan was to have the entire first season of the show take place on Earth. That would have been...interesting. I wish they'd gone with that!

    Also, I would have done these things;

    - Add back the Colonel Green arc (which was cut in favor of the Augments/Arik Soong after Brent Spiner said he wanted to be on the show)

    - Add a Romulan War arc that lasts an entire season.

    - Do the same for the Mirror Universe.

    - Have the ship's security, up to and including Malcolm, be members of the Starfleet Marine Corps as was originally intended (Malcolm was going to be a SFMC Major).
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  3. Tenacity

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    Jul 14, 2016
    While I could see taking a little more time for Archer to assemble his crew, maybe get some more universe building in that time period, what would the majority of the Earth bound stories be?

    How could it be made interesting enough to hold an audience for 26 episodes on Earth, then wait till the next season, prior to "getting to the action?"
    Like the Dominion War before it, the Xindi War was much too long. The Xindi War should have been a half dozen episodes max.
  4. HaventGotALife

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    Jul 6, 2011
    I would begin the show at the Warp-5 center, Henry Archer the star of the pilot, launch the ship, at the end of the pilot. As the song suggests, technology plays an integral role in becoming explorers. We have to get there, get back, communicate, and defend ourselves. I want narratives that play as Kirk and Picard fire photon torpedoes and hail a vessel. This requires watching how Picard fires phasers, and when, building a strong narrative around the technologies of Star Trek, and its potential other avenues.

    So, for a first season, I play with time and character, earn every scratch on the hull (it's Zephrame Cochrane's dream, look at how species-of-the-week threatens the dream!).

    There is no time travel, just flashbacks. That's the first season.

    Season Two leans into policies--Prime Directive, surface reconnaissance in First Contact stories) and here the Vulcan strains of relationships play an integral role. Bones is "an old country doctor" and he should reflect the common man, old world view of them. Jonathan Archer is shaping the future policies of the Federation, as its first explorer. Explore the rules of Trek. This is a show that is more integral than any other. Again, this is the dream of the elder Archer and Cochrane, why he built the ship to get us there, and back.

    Season three is about the characters and their motivations in space. Do they still want to be on Enterprise? Is exploration worth it? Where are we headed? Is the dream alive? As they run into species, they should be testing these questions, perhaps finding an area of space, after a long time without meeting anyone, that is full of people's to know, conflict with.

    Season 4 and 5 is the formation of the Federation, and how. Informed by all their missions, and lessons, the crew of the Enterprise plays an integral role in its founding. This isn't based on war, but the prevention of conflict. This isn't about politicians, but real-world knowledge of exploration. Archer feels compelled that this is necessary for the dream to live.

    Season 6 is about cooperation. That Archer's dreams now have conflicting views, views echoed in DS9 and Voyager, about how to be proceed. Some ideas they adopt, some ideas they discard, but most cause discord. How will the Federation survive, function, cooperate with all these different views?

    Season seven is coming home and some feel the journey was worth it, others feel it isn't complete, Archer longs to continue it. But, the Enterprise is done, and needs repairs, to be used again. He has grown attached to this life, and doesn't want to leave it.

    The last scene is where it began--at the warp-5 complex, where Enterprise is serviced. Jonathan Archer looks to the sky in resigned satisfaction, as the theme plays over the stars, Melody only, his imagination as alive as ever, his hope for the future, stronger than ever. The three-pointed star pendant gripped in his hand.

    Fade to Black. Let's go watch the rest of the series. Let the threads resonate throughout the rest of the series.
  5. Gabriel

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    Dec 15, 2018
    I would have just continue on for 3 more seasons (26 episodes each) and add in the romulan war for the last two. And in those years make them 2 years per season instead of one. Show the nx refit and more NX, intrepid, warp delta, Daedalus (as a ship older than enterprise). Starfleet is 50 ships big by the romulan war. It is called Star Trek enterprise from the beginning. Add the ranks of LTjg and LCDR and add more enlisted ranks such as petty officer (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and chief petty officers. Keep the MACO’s for season 3 on although have a new commanding officer to replace Hayes when he dies and have a executive officer for the MACO’s and just more MACO’s and maco ranks in general. Name tags. Also all ships have the designation U.E.S. (United earth ship) So basically flesh the series out with some details and of course the three extra seasons. And during the war have small fleets and occasionally flip to other crews during the war. Also mostly space war and few ground battles (max ten though war). And of course end it with the founding of the federation.
    Also in season 7 the Andorians give earth shields. Which Greatly help the war effort.
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    Aug 26, 2019
    The show wasn't too bad once Archer learned his swaggering, jingoistic attitude wasn't going to get him anywhere with these new races they encountered. But after the first, maybe second, season it all fell apart. Instead of the chronicles of the first interstellar exploration from earth, in a ship that should have been notably inferior to anything they encountered, we suddenly have Archer & Co. zipping around the universe in a ship at least as good as anything else around, getting involved in the politics and wars of every civilization along the way. Instead of being treated as newcomers to the interstellar community they are virtually lords of it. Then come the latter seasons with a virtual soap opera of a time travel war that drags on forever.

    I'd have liked it much better if they had stuck to the original concept of earth's first interstellar exploration.
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