What Would you Change About Series StoryLine?

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    What would there by to change?


    The stopping of the earth’s destruction felt like it was a 4-episode thing, and it was made into the series year long quest…


    They should have changed the captain and blue guy at the hidden satellite base, it didn’t make sense. it was like the logical breaking point


    Vulcans – It’s like… fine you tell us about ancient Vulcans as primitive, mean people.. so when there’s a virus that turns them back.. they just die….. we don’t see them….

    Meanwhile, they were in space since ancient… so how primitive would they even be?

    Which is the strangest thing about many of the species shown, I mean I realize it’s a human depiction, but your displaying sub par people as somehow space travelling… yet only when they are outright sneaker characters.. are we told the technology is stolen.

    What I mean is, the Vulcans kinda don’t makes sense in that… they wouldn’t really exist against the current foes.

    Does that mean they are completely destroyed by the Klingons in the new series?


    As early human, I’d have made them have way many more mistakes.. as in.. policies are made because troubles are found. Ok like.. they disrespect Vulcan command, and then have to fight the Vulcans to be in space…. Maybe. Like as a federation…. So that while earth doesn’t want aliens.. assumed since religion shown is primitive…. But threat of overall death to all.. that might change things… yet naaa.. and that can be a few shows… based on environmental things commonly argued in media

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    You make some interesting points. For me, I would remove that temporal cold war. I felt like a lot of that was garbage. At the very least, it shouldn't have been dragged out for more than a few episodes.

    I'm curious about your second point. Could you give me the episode number? Maybe I could help?
  3. teacake

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    inside teacake
    I would add a 5th season and all the promised goodies it was going to contain.
  4. Bry_Sinclair

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    What would I change?

    The series starts off in 2161, with the founding of the Federation in the aftermath of the most devastating war the quadrant has known. The once wartime alliance against the Romulans has become something far greater than its parts, though how to get several species that were rivals for territory and resources working together will be tough, especially as they must now rebuild after the war.

    The launch of the U.S.S. Daedalus is heralded as a beacon of hope for the fledgling organisation and the quadrant, she will be the flagship of the Federation, a symbol of what it will stand for, bringing together all the member worlds to serve together, each of them equally represented among the 220 crew. The Daedalus is tasked with safeguarding Federation assets, providing humanitarian aid, and exploring beyond the boundaries of Federation space.

    Whilst the latter seasons of DS9 dealt with the hardships of war, this show would deal with the hardships of the aftermath, on people and infrastructure, as they try to look to the future and build something out of the ashes.

    No temporal cold war, no Ferengi, no Borg, no catsuits, instead focusing on character building and relationships and the beginnings of all that would come afterwards.
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    Jun 26, 2015
    That's great. Maybe we actually get this or something similar in a few years, at the rate the people at CBS apparently plan to make new star trek entries by now.
  6. The Raven

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    The Temporal Cold War would be handled differently, either erase it completely or clean it up. No Nazi's.

    Looking back if they knew 4 seasons was what they had, don't do an entire season on the Xindi.

    Could have done some time jumps to cover the time from 2151 to 2161, having the show end with the founding of the Federation.
  7. Soong-type Android

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Where to start? The ship wouldn't be called Enterprise. There would be no temporal cold war. The crew would be more multicultural and international. Pulse cannons and atomic weapons instead of phasers and photon torpedoes. No transporters. Sensors and long range communication would be almost non existent. The tricorder would be a bulky prototype. No cloaking technology. The engineering section would be a dangerous place requiring protective clothing.

    Exactly. Could have had an episode where before the prime directive was invented they interfered in a primitive society believing they are helping leading to disastrous results. Or accidentally bringing human diseases to alien worlds.

    No stupid story line to explain Klingon makeup choices in TOS either or other call forwards. Let the series be its own thing.
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  8. F. King Daniel

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    King Daniel Beyond
    Start the show with the urgency and direction of season 3. It likely would have lasted longer than 4 seasons.
  9. starbuck

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    Sep 6, 2001
    dropped the shows name and call it something else
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  10. guyute03

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    Feb 27, 2003
    I would continue the show for 7 seasons, erase the final episode, and have Trip live until the end of the show.
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  11. Laura Cynthia Chambers

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    Jun 1, 2016
    It would be interesting perhaps to have a short story anthology that deal with such intergalactic faux pas.

    Hopefully they don't all end in screaming, fiery death.
  12. XCV330

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    Sep 24, 2017
    Would have left out the time travel stuff. I would have stopped the number of times they acted like Enterprise was the first ship out there and people on their cosmic sidewalk like the Klingons were all new to them. They'd been trading a lot further than that for decades. ECS ships never sent news home?

    Might have liked more ECS episodes, honestly, anthology style.
  13. Tenacity

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    Jul 14, 2016
    Set the show only some thirty plus years after Cochrane's flight seen in FC. Still in the 21st century. Any effort by the Vulcans to slow Humanity down was ineffectual.

    Earth's populations were more than happy following WW3 to leave Earth in large numbers and many (dozens) of interstellar colonies were quickly founded.

    Part of Starfleet's mandate would be similar to what was in the background story of Stargate SG1, they are actively looking for technology, resources, and allies. And not just aimlessly wondering around like Archer seem to have been doing. Starfleet has a defined mission and goals.

    The Enterprise isn't "the first real starship," it's a part of a fair sized organization that has been operating for a quarter century and has had both successes and failures. In addition to the military crew (and there's no silliness that they aren't), the Enterprise also has civilian personnel. In a pilot program there are non-Humans aboard.

    Archer is in his late forties, a experienced officer with scores of interstellar voyages on various starships working his way up the rank ladder. The Enterprise isn't his first command. There no suggestion that he achieved his command owing to who his father was.

    T'Pol is multi-discipline researcher from the Vulcan science academy, and not in the Enterprise's chain of command. Unbeknownst to Starfleet she is also a intelligence officer with the Vulcan government.

    Sato is a civilian communications expert. T'Pol and Sato are on the left (or "civilian"') side of the bridge.

    Phlox is unchanged, except he wasn't a last minute replacement.

    Reed is the exec officer, and his station is the ops panel on the right side of the bridge.

    Tucker is unchanged (why mess with perfection?).

    Mayweather is the MACO platoon lieutenant, the Enterprise carries MACO's right from the start. For some reason Mayweather loses his shirt in most episodes.

    The Enterprise helm is a extra of the week and a petty officer.

    Chef is a reoccurring role, and is played by William Shatner. Chef is a "old sea dog," and the unofficial ship's councilor - busy body.
    I did love the character of Daniels.
    I'd include no Klingons or Romulans.
    Unless you want to have a show with a heavy political aspect, I don't understand the desire to show "the founding of the federation." Wouldn't showing such a story basically be people sitting in meetings discussing fine points of philosophy and law (or just arguing). While I would image this would appeal to some people, I confess I would find it uninteresting.

    Characters discussing various matters is a part of Trek yes, but the actual forming of the alliance would (imo) be ... meh.

    Maybe someone who advocated this idea could explain the appeal?
    If the Klingon were to be depicted, then have them in TOS era makeup, no "ridges." And no body armor that provides no real protection. If nothing else it would help the production with it's budget.
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  14. Phoenix219

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    Most of this, for sure - honestly, that ship is more worth being called Discovery then the current show. I'm pretty sure FC changed the timeline and got the NX named Enterprise in a timeline rewrite.

    I like the bulk of what you suggested, and I think it would have worked best with a full steampunk/retro/50s/60s style asthetic...ENT and FC kind of destroy that possibility.
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  15. ScottJ85

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    Hmm... nix the Temporal Cold War and go with long plot arcs from the beginning.
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    The Great Barrier
  17. Delta Vega

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    The Great Barrier
    I'd have kept Trip
    A totally uncalled for death
    Travis would have been papped early in the run, he was just too bland
    Shran would have been drafted into the crew if I had my way
    More decon scenes with Jolene and Linda. . . . . . . . . . joking, honest !
  18. F. King Daniel

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    Gay Malcolm.
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  19. USS Triumphant

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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    This is tricky, because on one hand, you do want this to look like a pre-cursor to TOS, and show lessons learned that are already in play in TOS. OTOH, though, you'd also risk making your crew look like a bunch of damned idiots when they're making mistakes and learning lessons that *we already know better than NOW*. That stupid freaking episode where Archer let Porthos get out and run around on a newly discovered planet must have made the heads explode on some of our REAL scientists whose jobs at our various contemporary space exploration agencies is to come up with REAL first contact and bacteria/virus containment protocols. :D
  20. arch101

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    Would have started right off with the series 4 episode format. It was INCREDIBLY disappointing to see single hour stand-alone eps when the show started out. The first 2 series felt like more Voyager with different people. That’s when they lost me. Much later, I saw series 3 and loved it (DS9 fan here) but realize that format isn’t for everyone. Series 4 was a good compromise.
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