What if theyd brought back Khan for Nemesis?

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    I can see how it might have been done.

    First, I would use new CGI effects to show parts of the space battle in ST II that resulted in damage we only saw in ST III in spacedock--new footage of the two ships really going at it.

    We flashback to Khan slumping down after starting the Genesis wave.

    The turbolift doors burst open, and an unknown character bursts through, races over, and lifts khan from the deck. He makes it to a Killer Bee and leaves Reliant, departing along a path over the "top" of Reliant.

    Khan, like Spock, is resurrected by the Genesis planet.

    Khan, still weak, is helped back into the killer bee.

    His aide is the only other survivor. They see the Enterprise, after its faulty self destruct, start to burn up, but skipping back out of the atmosphere, below the horizon where Kirk interpreted it would come down.

    This can be seen as an illusion as was the case with an early R-7 flight: http://www.thespacereview.com/article/971/1

    "...In order to achieve orbital velocity as efficiently as possible, the rocket would change to a horizontal flight path as soon as it was above most of the atmosphere. Once it gained enough velocity in that lower orbit, it would successfully “fall over the receding horizon” and remain in Earth orbit.With later experience, the view that had so anguished the eyewitnesses to the birth of the very first artificial satellite became understood as a “normal” feature of how spaceflight should look to human eyes and brains.

    Only rockets aimed to fall back to Earth, as the long-range bombardment missiles were, counter-intuitively appear to fade away and disappear as they soar upward. Conversely, in the new common sense of the minutes-old Space Age, rockets not intended to fall back to Earth appear, instead, to head downward towards the far horizon.


    So the original Enterprise skipped back out along a Molniya orbit. It had lost enough velocity that it would strike the genesis planet on the next go--in the same way the Teton event of 1972 (Great Daylight Fireball) was a space body slated to do a resonant return in the 1990s.

    By that time, the Genesis planet came apart, and Enterprise passed through the debris field--with Khan and his aide recovering in the wreckage.

    A second ship is dispatched after Kirk and company leave, looking for any survivors of the Grissom, and see a badly damaged Enterprise looking very like the wreck of the Constellation, floating amidst asteroids.

    And they are confronted by a very unpleasant pair of augments.

    The Return Of Khan...
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    … Quoting Fred Allen, if i'm not mistaken.
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    I only own Nemesis because Paramounts force-fed me the TNG movies if I wanted to own the TOS movie set. This was back before Blu-Rays were as common as they are now, so it's a DVD set.

    Well guess what Paramount? Fuck you! :klingon: I haven't and will NOT buy the Blu-Ray version of any movie, ESPECIALLY since you won't pony up the cash to do TMP: DE in Blu-Ray, and you won't pony up the cash to fix TFF's horrible FX. So if I have no reason to purchase the TOS movies on Blu-Ray, what possible incentive is there for me to buy the TNG Blu-Rays?