What if Tasha had survived?

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    May 5, 2013
    Well the only things I know of her for besides TNG and the documentary Trekkies, is Pet Semetary, Jackie Brown, a couple episodes of X-Files, the pilot of Dexter, and some random episode of Red Shoe Diaries.

    I am very surprised she was never picked up for one of the Stargate shows, since they liked hiring Trek actors. She could have been a good Wraith, IMHO.
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    Nov 20, 2012
    If Yar was alive for Legacy it would have been so cool.
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    I believe that if Yar had lived, Worf would keep being portrayed as the dumb Klingon who wanted to kill Troi's baby, who wanted to Blow a hole in the viewscreen, who keeps reminding people I AM A KLINGON, That "THERES ONLY ONE BRIDGE, ONE RIKER, ONE BRIDGE", and probably would have been shown growling at the borg from his sensor station. Worf didn't really get any respect til later TNG.

    I did love Yar's character, and I wish she had not been killed off. I dont think Marina Sirtis would have left. Afterall, she didn't leave when Whoopi kinda stole her job.
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    Which is kind of a great point - writing off Troi but keeping Yar would have made Guinan's job thievery more logical.
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    Troi and Guinan had different roles. It is just that most people are more comfortable talking about their problems to their bartender than a counselor.
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    ^A point that was made regarding bartenders and doctors in general way back in the very first installment of Trek.
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    "We both get the same two kinds of customers. The living and the dying."
    --Doctor Philip Boyce
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    R.I.P Tasha Yar

    That was a surprising episode for me. There is one episode though when they go through this temporary worm hole and Yar is back.

    It sucks that she died but that's how it had to be. I think Worf, Data, and Jordy excelled at their positions after that happened and were better people because of it.
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    Forget ship's counselor, Guinan as security chief would have been awesome. :lol:

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    Guinan pulling out a BFG was one of the most WTF hilarious moments in TNG.

    *blows up half the room* That was setting one. Anyone want to see setting two?